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Legacy is an exhibition that celebrates the fingerprints we leave and the contributions we make that trickle through the annals of history. "Legacy in Trinity County: Remembering Joy Wiltsee" is a show curated by her niece Barbara Cieslewicz, to honor the life and work of this beloved local artist. Joy's work captured everyday local Weaverville and Trinity County scenes in a distinctive watercolor style that has become iconic in the area. As we remember her contribution to the arts, we are also reminded of how many artists have come before us, leaving ripples of creativity that emanate with greater and greater impact as time goes on. "Legacy in Beadwork: Antiquity through Creation," by jewelry designer Alicia Gunnerson-Starck, honors the history in slave beads and other historic stones. She feels that it is important to realize that ancient stones have a history and are still releasing the vibrations of their journey. Her beautifully crafted pieces are like a looking glass through time and bear the weight and respect of the ages. Join us for this moving exhibit in honor of artists and the legacy they leave. The show will be on display during normal business hours from July 2nd - 31st 2016.

Date & Time

July 2, 2016

5:00PM - 8:00PM

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