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Worldwide Women's Circle

The mission of the Worldwide Women's Circle is to unite with women on a global level, spreading wisdom, love and inspiration. We value women as community. We see our stories as medicine. We accept each other and we use the tool of the women’s circle, to bring women together, and to bring a woman’s leadership to the forefront. The mission is to bring women together in circles, and shift the social stigma around how women connect. For thousands of years women have gathered in circles as a way not only to connect to one another but to heal themselves and in turn heal the world. Within the circle we are loved, accepted, honored, powerful, connected, in tune, and appreciative for all the experiences that have led us here. The circle helps us to remember that we are all these things outside of the circle as well. It's in the sharing of our stories that we allow ourselves the freedom to heal. It is with the witnessing of others that we find the courage to speak up and own our truth with reverence and acceptance. Will you join us?

Date & Time

June 18, 2016

10:00AM - 11:30AM

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