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"Bones" by Cathy Valentine and Jennifer Pentrack

Encaustics and paintings

Cathy Valentine has collected bones on the beaches of Baja.“I love their sculptural quality,” she says. Thus, bones are the inspiration for the upcoming show by Cathy and fellow artist, Jennifer Pentrack. Siskiyou Arts Museum will display “Bones” in the museum room and welcomes the artists and viewers at an opening reception July 9, 2016, from 5 to 7pm. “My work is normally abstract in nature, with a sense of randomness. I consider my paintings to be a type of emotional landscape, my own internal language. With this body of work my aim was to be more representational than abstract,” continues Cathy. She works with encaustics — beeswax and resin — in many layers. Jennifer Pentrack is a printmaker and painter, whose vocation in physical therapy has inspired her fascination with bones. “A perpetual student, I enjoy exploring new directions while building on a foundation of classical artistic fundamentals.” Jennifer believes there is too much hurry and superficiality in our culture. “The ‘Bones’ project provides an opportunity to slow down and marvel at these examples of natural engineering and to celebrate the quiet beauty of what lies underneath the surface.” “Bones” will be viewable until September.

Date & Time

Weekly on Sunday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

07/09/2016 through 09/03/2016

5:00PM - 7:00PM

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(530) 235-4711


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