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Retrain Your Brain

Subconscious Mind Therapy For Holistic Health In Your Body.

Do you have chronic pain, chronic stress, PTSD, auto immune problems? Lack of self love and self acceptance? Have you been trying to get healthy but cannot seem to do it? Do you know that stress and pain may be trained into your mind? Massage yourself with deeper awareness. Come learn the power of your mind in affecting your brain and your body. Learn why unresolved stress, unresolved trauma and even self limiting beliefs stored in your mind affects your brain, your biology and your body.. Re-training your mind for health, re-trains your brain and thus re-trains your body for health. Experience how re-writing outdated programs and re-perceiving past stress and trauma in your mind positively physiologically affect your body. Learn the power of how subconscious mind therapy can relieve chronic, pain, chronic stress, including symptoms of PTSD. Pain relief, stress reduction, increased energy and peace of mind can all come from diving into what is not resolved in your mind. Mind=body. Discover how your mind directly affects your body, your biology and even your genes. Certified massage therapist, yoga teacher, PSYCH-K facilitator and cancer survivor Cheri Davis teaches how your beliefs and thoughts can create health or disease in your body. The power of your beliefs and thoughts (conscious and subconscious) are deeply important to health, healing and well being

Date & Time

July 20, 2016

6:30PM - 8:00PM

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