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Within Reach

Show runs July 8 through August 27

This exhibit constitutes a collection of oil paintings by two artists, Paul Zegers and Andrew Duclos, ranging in size from small plein air studies showing how the process begins, to larger studio paintings. The concept of the exhibit is to highlight the value of the Northern California area around Redding as a wonderful destination for tourism and outdoor recreation. The title “Within Reach” suggests that all paintings in the show depict scenic areas within a day trip of Redding. The artists also hope to remind locals of the variety of beautiful local destinations available to them for healthy and relaxing recreation. The artists will travel throughout an area within a day-trip driving distance to paint on location as well as take reference photos to be used in the studio to create larger works. GPS locations will be included in the titles of the works so viewers can travel to the actual locations if they wish. Zegers and Duclos exhibit will highlight not only the finished works, but also the process of creating the artworks through the inclusion of several plein air studies as well as a demonstration painting from each artist with notes showing various stages in the development of an oil painting. The artists will be present at the reception and be available to answer any questions from interested viewers.

Date & Time

5th Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday

07/08/2016 through 08/27/2016

5:00PM - 8:00PM

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