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Wildways: Discover The New Ross Ranch

Be one of the first to view the McConnell Foundation’s Ross Ranch Preserve while it’s being restored and before it becomes open to the public. With a stunning view of Mt. Lassen, beavers in the two large reservoirs, and nesting bald eagles, there’s much to see and enjoy. Learn about the steps taken to preserve this property that was once slated to become a housing development, as well as some of the wildlife, particularly the beavers, that are found in the area. Lunch included. Shasta Land Trust’s Wildways series of fundraising events is a fun and unique way for people to contribute to the preservation of significant lands in far northern California. Connecting people and places, the Wildways events feature some of the most interesting and fun outings in the North State! Hosted by volunteers, all proceeds from ticket sales support Shasta Land Trust’s mission to conserve local land.

Date & Time

April 30, 2016

10:00AM - 1:00PM