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Animal Assisted Activities & Therapy Orientation

Butte Humane Society & Enloe Medical Center Team Up For Animal Assisted Activities & Therapy Orientation

Share the love your canine offers with those who will enjoy and appreciate a warm visit from a furry friend. Butte Humane Society and Enloe Medical Center are teaming up for an informational orientation about what it takes to become an Animal Assisted Activities and Therapy volunteer and if it’s right for you! Pet therapy has a very real role in helping more members of our society live their lives in an inclusive fashion, to reach out to others, to educate our communities, while also helping to stem the ever-rising tide of human loneliness and social disconnectedness. Committed volunteers and friendly, well-mannered dogs are the ideal duo we would love to join the Butte Humane Society Therapy Animal Team. The volunteers and their furry companions would visit with residents and staff at Enloe Medical Center and the other facilities Butte Humane Society is partnered with including Amber Grove and Country House. For those interested join Butte Humane Society Outreach Team Member, Rachel Agostino Saturday, April 9 from 11:00 a.m. – noon. The orientation will be held at the Butte Humane Society Education Center located at 2156 Pillsbury Road, suite 160B.