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2nd Saturday Art Opening​​ &​ ​Reception

Paintings by Linda Vivas & Sculptures by Jack Shaw

During the Dunsmuir Autumn Art Walk on October 10th, be sure to stop by the Siskiyou Arts Museum for a preview of paintings by Linda Vivas and sculptures by Jack Shaw in the Gallery. The artists’ reception is from 5 to 7pm. Artist/Painter Linda Vivas vibrant paintings portray a theme entitled: “Time of the Quest.” Over forty paintings tell a story of about twenty-one steps that “Dolly, the Sheep,” takes to transform herself in order to become her true self. Through the use of oil paintings and text blurbs describing each lesson Dolly learns, the art viewer comes to understand the meaning of each challenge Dolly overcomes on her journey. Linda Vivas, M.A., has trained with renowned painter Alek Balos since 2011, and with other masters along the way. She earned her masters' degree in Art History in the Netherlands where she lived for over a decade, also studying painting and teaching Art History. Vivas has taught at all grade levels in Siskiyou County, including art, art history, and the humanities. She has shown her artworks in galleries regularly in Siskiyou County since 2006. Artist/Sculptor Jack Shaw produces bronze and stone sculpture often combining figurative elements with abstraction. Several of his sculptures include a motif he calls “Time Waves.” While his artistic journey is quite distinct from Linda’s, both artists incorporate elements regarding the passage of time, and create a relational environment between painting, story, sculpture, and viewer. Jack has this to say about his work: “My sculptures, like people, are products of their environment. I’m often asked what inspires me or influences my work. Frequently, it’s not until well after a piece has been completed that I understand the finer points of what motivated me. Similarly, in our environment we are rarely aware of the importance of what may seem like insignificant elements. Yet when one of these elements is missing, or added, it can have dramatic effects on our lives.” This show continues in the gallery through December 5th. Photo captions: "Herman: Dolly's White Rabbit Guide" Oil Painting by Linda Vivas "Choices" Bronze: 30x20x12" by Jack Shaw

Date & Time

Weekly on Sunday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

10/10/2015 through 12/05/2015

11:00AM - 4:00PM

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Admission is free.

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