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Schreder Planetarium presents

Cosmic Safari, SETI

Molecularium The search for life in the universe begins as we travel to yet undiscovered planets in the far reaches of space. In differing environmental conditions, you'll discover what living creatures might look like on worlds very different from our own. SETI The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence The prospect that we may not be alone in the Universe is taken as a fact by the movies, writers and a great many scientists. As yet, we have no hard evidence of another living thing outside Planet Earth. SETI - The Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence - is a show that explores all sides of this topic, from the planets we are finding around other stars, the feasibility of travelling to the stars, and what aliens might actually be like, to the possibility that UFO's have been visiting and the various methods scientists are using to get in touch. Will we make contact in our lifetimes? This stunning immersive show guides you through the myriad of ideas to a surprising conclusion. This is narrated by Hugh Laurie.

Date & Time

October 23, 2015

7:00PM - 9:00PM

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(530) 245-7833


Community & Neighborhood Shasta County