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Shasta Live Presents Stringfever

Electric String Quartet

Stringfever - brothers Giles, Ralph and Neal Broadbent and their cousin, Graham - are four world class musicians playing five and six-stringed electric violins, viola and cello in a truly original show. Stringfever’s unique, acclaimed version of Ravel’ s ‘Bolero’ has all four playing on one cello simultaneously. Then they challenge the audience to play Name That Tune as they race through 20 of the best-loved film themes in one breathless arrangement. Their helter-skelter 007James Bond medley is an absolute killer. And the show ends with Stringfever’s breathtaking signature finale, ‘The History of Music... in 5 Minutes’. Charisma, humor, energy and a distinctive use of custom-made ‘Violectra’ instruments create an experience that can only best be described as... Stringfever!
Date & Time
  • May 4, 2016
  • 7:30PM
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