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Cali Vibes Performing Live at California Brewhouse!

Wonderful entertainment for the whole family!

Cali Vibes, from Redding, CA, has been performing Reggae Music in Northern California since forming in 2012. With over 40 shows to date, Cali Vibes has shared the stage with Mystic Roots, Stranger, Synrgy, Skunkdub, Woven Roots and others. In the fall of 2015, Cali Vibes was hard at work in the studio and released their debut, self-titled album. In early 2016, three new members were added completing the current lineup. Cali Vibes creates a dynamic Reggae sound with their Cali influence and Roots Vibes. With a set full of original songs, their music is a mixture of West Coast, Roots, and modern Reggae, coupled with heavy Vamp and Dub influences. The members of Cali Vibes include: Sean and Curtis trading off on lead vocals while bringing an entrancing, multi-layer guitar sound, Sean adding a dub pulse to Curtis’ fiery smooth leads, Rusty and Jeramy holding down the rhythm, Rusty on keys and Melodica and Jeramy on rhythm guitar, Colton’s bass lines are woven into explosive beats laid down by Anthony on drums, Jimmy and Natalie tie it all together on percussion and vocals, adding a rhythmic feel that is only enhanced with the drone of Natalie’s didgeridoo. Cali Vibes strives to insure that their listeners and fans enjoy an epic musical experience. However, it’s not just the music, it’s a movement. Through their music, Cali Vibes, hopes to bring about change with a message of enlightenment, self-consciousness and positivity in an effort to unite the human race under the ideals of kindness and love for all living things. Come VIBE with us!!!!!!!!