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Paradiso and Rasamayi

Internationally renowned sound healers using transformative celestial sound field!

Attuning to Oneness – The Harmonic Ascension Paradiso & Rasamayi 5th Element Music Paradiso is a master didgeridoo artist; Rasamaya is a singing bowl “master alchemist” and singer. Both are deeply involved in healing music. Transformative is the word for this album. Unearthly, for lack of a better word, yet familiar in some way, the sounds are absolutely and arrestingly beautiful. The didjeridoo is at times reminiscent of Tibetan monks, at other times unclassifiable. The singing, and the singing bowls of Rasamaya are often indistinguishable . . . impossible to tell what is a human voice and what is the sound of ringing crystal. Suggested for meditative, healing and yoga work, this offering goes beyond the standard musical work in those genres. An excellent album, and highly recommended for inducing peaceful, contemplative, and healing states.

Date & Time

July 8, 2015

7:00PM - 9:00PM