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Techniques in Iris Analysis, Nutrition and Natural Therapies Level 1

Dr. Ellen Tart-Jensen PhD., D.Sc., CCII

Brought to you by Healing Waters Wellness Centers in Redding, this 2-day seminar (May 31 - June 1) is presented in such a way that it is beneficial to all who want to study Iridology and learn how to use it to improve health. Ellen uses colorful graphics, charts, slides and beautiful PowerPoint presentations to teach Iridology in a relaxed organized step-by-step manner, to make learning easy and fun. You will learn the history of Iridology, the anatomy of the eye specific iris signs and what they mean to the health of a person, universal language and terminology for iris analysis and nutritional and herbal protocols to strengthen body systems and improve health. In the second portion of the seminar, Ellen will take you deeper into the study of iris analysis and share with you some amazing case studies of people she has worked with. For those who wish to become IIPA Certified, this course will begin to prepare them to take the IIPA Certification Examination. For IIPA certification, a college course in Anatomy and Physiology is also required.

Date & Time

May 31, 2014

9:00AM - 5:00PM

More Info

(530) 223-2322

$445 for seminar includes printed material for Level 1

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