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FREE SEMINAR: Gluten Free & Still Having Bowel Problems?

One in 5 Americans suffer from chronic bowel problems. Many believe that their problems are caused by gluten sensitivities, but they may actually be caused by sensitivities to other foods or an intolerance to carbohydrates, proteins or fats. Some symptoms mimic gluten sensitivity when in fact digestive problems can manifest in many other ways, such as an irritable bowel. If You Have: Diarrhea Constipation Bloating/Gas Headaches IBS Rashes/Skin Problems Fatigue Bone Loss/Achy Joints Leaky Gut Don’t assume your bowel problems are the result of gluten. Consider there are other types of sensitivities that may be causing your IBS besides gluten (Have you in fact been tested?). Attend this FREE SEMINAR to learn more about how you can live life free of the pain and embarrassment of bowel problems.

Date & Time

January 13, 2014

4:30PM - 5:30PM

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(530) 899-8741


Kids & Family Health & Wellness Community & Neighborhood Shasta County Butte County