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IS There a God?

IS There a God?? A great question, and one we need to ask and re-ask from time to time. Throughout January, Rod Brayfindley, the senior pastor at First Church will consider it from many angles … with the goal of respecting the many ways we represent the question and pursue it. These are planned as positive parts of our already love-filled worship services and will be great ones to invite friends to. There will also be "talk back" opportunities during the month to enjoy the chance to think together. While there will be a more thorough book list available in January, these are some of the books Rod has been re-reading in preparation for the sermon series: Night by Elie Wiesel; The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins, The Big Questions by Stephen Landsburg; The Language of God by Francis Collins; Knowing and Being by Michael Polanyi; The Case for God by Karen Armstrong, Does God Exist by Hans Kung, andGod and the World by John Cobb. Within the outline below note biblical passages that will be part of the reflection. For more details, see our web site at