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Tomato Plant Sale *Non-GMO* *Local* *No Sprays*

Grown in Visalia, California - Great deals!

We are extending our tomato plant sale every Saturday at the Visalia Farmers' Market (while supplies last). Find us located in the Sears' parking lot on the corner of Mooney Blvd and Caldwell. We are out here all year 'round offering both seasonal and perennial plants! Many tomato varieties to choose from, from Black Cherry to Amish Paste, Beefsteak to Cherokee Purple, Chocolate Pear to Blue Gold Berries, German Johnson to Sungold (HOT seller!). Plus MANY more! Heirlooms and hybrids available, both determinate and indeterminate. Strong and healthy - Grown in Visalia, California with non-GMO seed and no sprays. We also sell scented geraniums (14 scents), several varieties of basil, artichokes, peppers, canna lilies, catnip, beans, peanuts, sorrel, yarrow, lavender, milk thistle, chocolate mint, tomatillos, pennyroyal, lemon grass, gerbera daisies, and much more! Unique and common herbs, veggies, flowers, cut flowers, and others to offer!