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Shasta Live presents Jason Michaels

Jason Michaels is a professional speaker and entertainer with astounding expertise in the arts of deception. A storyteller by heart, Jason loves to blend impossible mysteries with unforgettable tales. He has been performing sleight of hand, the art of illusion, and theatre for over twenty-five years. Diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome at age six, Jason has overcome “the impossible” and became an internationally award-winning sleight-of-hand artist and professional speaker. He motivates audiences to see beyond their challenges and self-imposed limitations and inspires them to take action by living bigger, bolder lives. Jason has shared his style of magic and illusion all over the world, from Las Vegas to London to Baghdad, Iraq. He has performed for VIP audiences and entertained celebrities like Martina McBride, Kix Brooks, Wynonna Judd, LeAnn Rimes, Rodney Atkins, Derrick Mason, Tony Orlando, and more! In his hit show ‘Jason Michaels Live!’, Jason involves your audience directly in the show and blows their minds with extremely visual magic, engaging true stories, and interactive comedy. Jason’s experience entertaining audiences around the world means that you can rest easy knowing your group is in an expert entertainer’s hand!
Date & Time
  • May 2, 2017
  • 7:30PM
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