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Where Are They Now?

April 2017

Can You Find What's Different?

Can you find what's different between the two photos?

Can you find what's different?

Can you find what's different between the two photos?

Tehama Plow Share Project

Making school runs with grandkids was just what J.T. Shoults signed up for when he relocated to Red Bluff from the Napa Valley to be closer to his daughter, Tai Bickert, and her girls.

Breakfast Banana Oatmeal Muffins

The holidays are behind us and our busy lives are back in full swing. With everyone going in different directions, who has time to prepare a healthy breakfast?

A Virtual North State Workout

Running is best when you can get out on the local trails and be one with nature, but what if you can’t get out in the wilderness as often as you like?

Therapy Alternatives

There usually comes a time in everyone’s life when a little therapy is necessary. From torn ACLs to situational depression, physical and mental health should be complemented...

Indoor Projects to Keep Kids Active This Winter

If you have kids, perhaps you’re looking for something new for them to do that is active for their minds and bodies – and that can be tricky when the weather isn’t cooperative.

Booker T. Jones to Play at Laxson

Multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and music arranger Booker T. Jones began working for Stax Records in Memphis as a session player in 1960, when he was 16 years old.

Finding Treatment with Personal Stem Cells

While every body is different, each possesses the power to help heal itself through trillions of stem cells, particularly hopeful news for people living with chronic pain and systemic health conditions.
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