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Take a Drive to Unwind Your Mind

CAT CARSON WAS the official driver and I was her co-pilot. We journeyed up to Dunsmuir to take in the beauty of dogwoods and delight in one of our favorite little towns.

A Wild West Adventure at the Greenhorn Ranch

FOR THREE WONDERFUL YEARS between 1989 and ’91, American children had first-hand experience of life on a dude ranch. Well, actually, they had a front-row seat to a television show about life on a dude ranch.

About a Fly Fishing Guide Service

LIFE'S GREATEST MOMENTS spring from the headwaters of new experience. For Brian “Bucko” Theriot of Western Anglers Guide Service, one of those great moments hatched on an early spring morning in the lower Sacramento River near Dunsmuir.

Relax Your Way to a Better You

IFE CAN BE HECTIC, hyper-stimulating and generally overwhelming without one very necessary, yet often elusive element: relaxation.

My Town

August 2018

The Can Do Spirit Helps to Remove Daily Hardships

AFTER DAILY BATTLES to restore his mobility and independence due to a horrific accident in which his lower body was paralyzed, Tim Webb gained an amplified understanding of the difficulties faced by survivors of catastrophic events.

Grilled Greek Chicken Souvlaki

Fire up the grill – it’s time for Greek Chicken! This is an easy and delicious dish, full of flavor and it turns out really moist.

Vacationing with Your Four-legged Family Members

SUMMER HAS ARRIVED! If you’re like my wife and me, you’ve probably been running through possible vacation spots for the family road trip. If you’re REALLY like us, those plans may include your four-legged family members.

Twilight Becomes You (Lewiston Lake)

July 2018

What We're Enjoying

July 2018

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