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Can You Find What's Different?

Can you find what's different between the two photos?

Carolyn Ward’s Goal to Race in All 50 States is Achieved

The woman from Redding ran hard on soft Maui sand. It slipped beneath her feet with each stride, robbing her of traction, but she bore on, eyeing the finish not that far ahead.

Burney Falls in McArthur-Burney Falls State Park

Living in California, it’s easy to take for granted its sweeping landscapes and natural beauty.

Lassen Volcanic National Park's New Team Leader, Jim Richardson

When Jim Richardson landed the top job at Lassen Volcanic National Park he was seven time zones away, surrounded by the open sea and World War II history.

Maddie Nightingale - Bird Caller

Maddie Nightingale wasn’t much taller than a goose when her grandfather took her fishing for the first time.

Gold Panning in the North State

When the skies opened up last winter and drenched the North State, not everyone was focused on the overburdened dams, rising rivers and flooded roads.

Can You Find What's Different?

Can you find what's different between the two photos?

Stoneway Crossfit in Mount Shasta

Behind the huge roll-up doors is the Box—a large space with padded floors, weights and a rack of pullup bars.

Here’s to Fun Times on the Water this Summer

Summertime in the North State can be described as beautiful. It can also be described as scorching – so it’s a good thing there are many local waterways.

Strawhouse Resort and Cafe in Big Flat

Drive a little distance from Redding along Highway 299 to the west and before long, the Trinity River demands attention as the winding road skirts the river and sidles up against...
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