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Gear Up

Those hoping for success in the independent business world would do well to listen to Redding’s John Yates. Yates has been expanding and evolving his successful venture in the North State for more than 30 years.

Once Upon a Trail

Mount Shasta offers an incredible variety of hiking and biking experiences, from the sublime to the extreme. In the highly accessible sublime category is the seven-mile trail that circumnavigates Lake Siskiyou.

March 2014 - Lucky You

Now that we’ve finally gotten some of the glorious rain that our North State needed so desperately, we’re marching into spring. While youngsters chase leprechauns and search for that elusive pot of gold, we can’t wait to watch Dorothy follow the yellow brick road during the Cascade Theatre’s production of “The Wizard of Oz.” The production marks the 10th anniversary of the Cascade’s renovation, and it involves some spectacular technical wizardry — the likes of which have never been seen before at the theater.


Pam McBroome has spent 10 years on the road selling western décor and cowgirl bling and has noticed something about the people she’s met along the way. “I just meet women everywhere and lots of them want to camp and do things,” she says.

Jeremy Johnson’s Monster Camp

Jeremy Johnson’s story is very simple. “I was a punk and the gym saved me from breaking into your house and going to jail.”

The Keswick Eastside Trails

It’s midmorning. As the sun climbs higher in the sky warming the red clay trail beneath your feet, you begin your journey into the chaparral forest. A small grey bird flits from tree to tree and a family of three zips by on mountain bikes. Welcome to the Keswick Eastside Trails, a network of more than 25 miles of dirt single-track that provides a fun way for hikers, mountain bikers, runners and horseback riders to explore the east side of the Sacramento River between Shasta Dam and the Sacramento River Trail.

Potion No. 5 — Chico's Five by Five Tonics Company

The Old Fashioned, Manhattan and Sazerac have more in common than being popular Prohibition-era cocktails that are making a comeback with the emerging craft-cocktail movement. They all include bitters as a small but significant component of their ingredients.

Cycling Siskiyou

Bicycling enthusiasts often load up their bikes with the intention of heading out for a particular type of terrain, be it mountain trails, grinders, long and easy roads or steep challenges. Hopefully, there will also be a wealth of natural beauty to enjoy. What if there is an area where all of the above could be found within a short drive? There is such a place, and it’s called Siskiyou County.

Mt. Shasta's Sisson Meadows

Mount Shasta hides behind a purple thistle which gazes over the sea of grass and islands of cattails. The boardwalk hovers as if magic over the dampness of the earth, weaving a path through the peaceful acres. This piece of land is a living picture of the once uninhabited valley on which J.H. Sisson began a community, known today as Mount Shasta City.

Dunsmuir High School Wrestling

On ancient caves in France are drawings of a sport enduring through time to occupy the gyms of Northern California. The sport was a centerpiece in the first Olympic games in Greece. Just as the soldiers of Homer’s Iliad competed, the art of wrestling has passed through the history of Egypt and Babylon to the small town of Dunsmuir and the school’s coach, Robert Wallace.
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