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Celebrating Ducky Derby's 25th Anniversary

It’s not about the ducks. That’s what Marge Beck says, anyway.

Tall Tales

The 49-foot-tall statue of Paul Bunyan looming near the redwoods practically demands that drivers exit Highway 101 and investigate the Trees of Mystery. A touristy gimmick? Maybe, but the kids love it and it does get people out of their cars and into nature—and that makes John Thompson happy.

Fiddle Sticks

"It's music that finds its way deep into your soul because it's strings vibrating against wood and nothing else." - Alison Krauss

Sizzle Crackle Pop!

On a single evening each year, North State residents delight in a spectacular show that, at a cost of almost $4,000 a minute, otherwise would be prohibitive for all but a select few. And it is absolutely free.


Eric Pettinger's love of water skiing can be traced back to his time growing up in Red Bluff when he’d zoom across the Sacramento River.

Still in the Game

The retired coaches had a good time over breakfast. They enjoyed each other’s company and shared a lot of memories. But it didn’t take long before someone had to say it: “Why don’t we do something?”

Singing Praises

As the crowd quieted in anticipation of The Star Spangled Banner at last month’s Reno rodeo, a few were surprised to see not one but two petite teenagers hold up microphones. Small in stature but large in voice, Ashtin Lopeman, 14, and Jennifer Peyton, 15, both of Red Bluff, have found an unusual way to spend their summer vacation: harmonizing the National Anthem at rodeos near and far.

Musical Masterpiece

Incendio, in both Italian and Spanish, means “fire.” And this name is fitting for a musical group whose sound is all about energy, exploration and passion.

Home Run

James Santos earned a reputation in the North State for creating imaginative, larger-than-life productions that rivaled anything you’d find..

Fly By Day

A BRILLIANT SPRAY OF COLOR and texture occupies Kaden Swart’s desk. Feathers of ostrich, turkey, chicken and peacock are organized with soft, dense packets of deer, moose and elk hair. Some pieces are dyed; others stay in a natural color and condition. Surrounded by spools of colored wire and threads, they are all tools of the trade in Kaden’s hobby-turned-business: fly tying.
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