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First Act

Shastaland Children's Film Festival

Perfect 10

The Tenth Anniversary of the Sundial Bridge

The Hills Are Alive With the Sound of Music

Trinity Alps Chamber Music Festival

Q97 Snapshot: Play Ball

Billy + Patrick Snap Shot

Survival Story

Among national park lovers, it’s hard to find locals unfamiliar with Lassen Volcanic National Park, and most people know of the Redwood National Park. But Tule Lake Unit World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument? That one is likely not on the radar for most vacationers.

Puzzle Peace

With the flick of a light switch, Frank Van Meter illustrates his life philosophy. “Just like that,” he says, flooding a room with light, “the darkness is gone.”

Life is a Byway

Let your mind play with the word “vacation,” and you may conjure up images of airplanes, tropical resorts and sticker shock. A “staycation” is budget-friendly, but even the most well-intentioned staycationers often end up doing their spring cleaning while at home.

Human Race

A six-foot-tall hippopotamus rolls by on wheels, followed shortly by an enormous ant walking on six legs, a bionic taco and a fire-breathing dragon made out of aluminum. Meanwhile, in Humboldt Bay, an armored carp navigates toward shore with an oversized iguana close on its tail.

On Board

Phil Keester feels like a pioneer of sorts. That’s because in addition to the sport of stand up paddleboarding being fairly new, the idea of standing on a board while navigating the Sacramento River is definitely uncharted territory for most.

Wild West

It’s rendezvous time for the muzzle-loading aficionados who belong to Louderback’s Black Powder Club, so Wade Bellinger and the 50-odd others in the club are busy oiling patches, measuring out powder and stocking up on lead balls.
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