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Shasta-Trinity Forest Service's Mule Team

Packer Ken Graves is leading the U.S. Forest Service’s past into the future. Behind him are inquisitive Ivan, friendly Big John, aloof Heywood and other rusty-red and dark-brown mules.

Lassen Floating Floozies

A full moon rises, and the Lassen Floating Floozies have the best seat in the house.

Banish Biting Season

As the weather gets warmer, mosquitoes can prevent homeowners from reaping the benefits of living life outside.

Prepare Your Pet for Summer

From making plans to buying new clothes to filling your time with exhilarating (or relaxing) hobbies, gearing up for summer can be a fun and exciting exercise.

Room-by-Room Refresh

Spring is a sensible time to refresh and restore your home after heavy indoor use during winter.

Giving to the Next Generation

From self-expression to self-direction, there are countless ways to age out loud.

What's Behind the Sleeping Mind

Did you dream last night? Even if you don’t remember it, the answer is probably yes. And you probably have recurring dreams, or dream about the same things as friends and family.

Oroville Pioneer, Judge Charles Fayette Lott

Young men living in St. Louis in late 1849 found resisting the California Gold Rush difficult. And so it was with 24-year-old lawyer Charles Lott.

Mother’s Day Ideas with a Little More Oomph

It seems an impossible task, to adequately express how much you truly appreciate your mom (or that special mom in your life) on Mother’s Day.

Humboldt Bay Maritime Museum’s Madaket Cruises

She’s not the oldest passenger-carrying vessel in the United States, but she’s the country’s oldest vessel in continuous use.
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