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Sentimental Value

What toy or object from your childhood do you still have? What made you keep it? I still have my Barbies. My daughters got a lot of enjoyment out of them and now my granddaughter plays with them. ~Robin

Big Winner

What’s the best thing you’ve ever won? The best thing I ever won was a weekend in Reno where I won $500 on a free slot spin. ~Suzie The best thing I ever won was a weekend in Reno where I won $500 on a free slot spin. ~Suzie

Gary Jensen's Pressed Flower Compositions

Gary Jensen remembers the exact moment his love for flowers blossomed. He was a young boy on a road trip to visit his grandparents near Salton Sea.

Get Organized with Shannon

It's spring and time to get out the mops, buckets and brooms.

Nordic Walking

What began as an off-season training technique among cross-country skiers has become the hottest trend in walking for fitness.

Reaching the Autistic Child

April is Autism Awareness Month

The Next Generation of Video Games

Sony. Microsoft. Nintendo. These three manufactures are the Big Three of gaming excellence. Gaming is no longer the sole occupation of basement nerds and computer techies.

John Signor's Love for Art and the Railways

As the Santa Fe SDX train thundered between San Bernardino and San Diego, two young boys skidded their Schwinn Wasps to a stop. The summer sun dropped as budding artist John Signor and his friend Bo were hypnotized by the fading lights of rail cars passing by.

Debi Chimenti "Clowns" Around

Kid Klown is a fictional figure created by Debi Chimenti to entertain her four boys. During early morning story time, the clown would take them on adventures.

10 Great Movies You Must See

With so many award shows on this time of year, we thought it would be fun to find out which movies would make the cut for our favorite 10. A few of them were big winners; some weren’t even nominated.
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