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Gardeners' Choice

Spring is on the horizon - some of us have been reading about the latest garden trends and will soon be working our soil and planning landscape changes to our yards. The votes have been tallied and here’s where our readers go for planting advice and garden supplies.

Critter Care

Tie 1. Jen Powers, DVM


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Play Ball

James Earl Jones and Ray Liotta James Earl Jones and Ray Liotta y Liotta Starring Tom Hanks, Geena Davis and Lori Petty Davis and Lori Petty Sheen and Corbin Bernse Sheen and Corbin Bernse en and Corbin Bernse

Staff Faves

1.“Falling For You: McCloud Falls” (July 2010) by Gary VanDeWalker. The description he gives of the falls romances you into thinking you are there. An excerpt: “Mt. Shasta looms between the tree branches as the quiet of the water belies the power it possesses before moving into a narrow rock channel, churning into a white froth before plunging into a deep emerald pool below.” ~Yvonne

Black Friday - Holiday Shopping Adventures

Several years ago I had a boyfriend with a very large family. The Wednesday before Black Friday, the family would get together and go through all the advertisements. His mom would make a plan and assign everyone places to go, the times to be there and what we needed to buy. We got up at two in the morning on Friday to start the process. Each of us had our board in hand and would be sent off to get all the things on the list. It was insane, but we got some incredible deals and saved so much money. She was so organized! I haven’t been up early to shop on Black Friday for a long time but that memory will stay with me. ~ Erica

Storybook Beginnings

Children who enjoy books at home are more likely to be eager readers and good students. Reading with your children, grandchildren or other special youngsters in your life is a delightful way to spend one-on-one time. Here are the books our readers found to be their favorites to read to children.

In 2012 I'm Going to Make More Time For?

Fiddle lessons and practice. Learning to play fiddle has been at the top of my bucket list for a while. I'm 51 now, and it's time to get cracking and cross a few things off that list. ist. Taking my motorcycle out on long rides more often.

What Do You Like Most About the Super Bowl?

The parties. ~ Jake Showing the grandchildren the fun of your team playing in the Big Game; commercials; and coming together with friends & family (even those cheering for the “other” team). ~ Mimi

Favorite Meal

Pizza. And frankly, not often enough. ~Rick Moonstone Bistro - calamari and any special lunch or dinner - everything there is excellent! ~Sannie Our family’s all time favorite meal is~ BBQ tri tip, corn on the cob and fresh garlic bread! Oh so yummy! ~Allison
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