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The Fast And The Furious

photos: Teri Ziemer photos: Teri Ziemer NATIONAL COMBINED OUTBOARD HYRDOPLANE CHAMPIONSHIPS For many, thrills are a rarity, coming usually from activities like riding a rollercoaster, hitting an exciting downhill single track or even something as simple as buying a new outfit. Going 90 miles per hour on an 11-foot modified hydroplane boat, however, is a story in a different book.

String Keys

The annual Cottonwood rodeo parade in April passed by a cheering throng while foot-stomping music strummed by pint-sized fiddlers accompanied the hootin’ and hollerin’ from the crowd. The old stagecoach stopover still enjoys the feel of an Old West town with raised walkways on either side of a wide main street. No one should be fooled, though. Along with the rich western culture permeating the area, something new has begun to rumble through town.

For The Record

photo: Courtesy of RadioStar Courtesy of RadioStar RADIOSTAR STUDIOS IN WEED Tucked in the center of the small town of Weed is a treasure within a treasure. Poised on Main Street, the façade of the Weed Palace Theater towers over its surroundings, recalling the early vaudeville acts hosted there in the 1920s and the brilliant Hollywood spectacles shown in its later years as a movie theater. The Art Deco building still retains its dart-shaped glass lights and Egyptian interior. Though the multi-screen theaters of today have silenced the projector and the popcorn smell has faded, the Palace Theater knows new life as a professional recording facility, Sylvia Massy Shivy’s RadioStar Studios.

Orchestrating Success

A cacophony of conversation floats through the auditorium before every North State Symphony concert. Dr. Kyle Wiley Pickett, music director and conductor, greets early birds from the apron with a brief overview of the production ahead. He illuminates the audience about compositions, composers, soloists and orchestral interpretations. As he exits stage left, the audience again buzzes with growing anticipation.

On the Good Ship

A bit of romance floated into the North State the other day, bringing with it a glimpse back to the time when luxury travel was as much about the journey as it was the destination.

Enjoy Exceptional Living

photo: James Mazzotta o: James Mazzotta ENJOY MAGAZINE HITS THE AIRWAVES WITH KLXR AND LYNN FRITZ Never fear – there’s now more than one way to get your fix. ever fear – there’s now more than one way to get your fix.

Tusk Master

photo: Brent Van Auken hoto: Brent Van Auken DOUG CARTER, CREATIVE COLLECTOR By day, Doug Carter is a mild-mannered financial advisor with Morgan Stanley Smith Barney. But his alter ego is more like Indiana Jones.

Tiger's Den

Joe "Tiger" Michiels is an interesting guy. He spends much of his time at his home office, or "Tiger's Den" in South Redding.

Super Men

Five years ago, he was a class clown with mediocre grades who was looking for a way to make his dad proud.

Sacred Stones

It had been a long journey by the time the young Cistercian Trappist monk stepped off a train in San Francisco from his mother abbey in Gethsemani, Kentucky, in 1955.
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