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On The Run

Photos: Brent Van Auken s: Brent Van Auken MARATHON RUNNER TONYA GEERS Tonya Geers never meant to run marathons, but has completed eight over the last 10 years. After finishing the New York City Marathon on Nov. 1, she said eight was enough.

Moore Old-Fashioned

Photos: Brent Van Auken Photos: Brent Van Auken MOORE'S FLOUR MILL IN REDDING bread. Every town had a flour mill, located on a stream or river to power its millstones. Then in the late 1800s, giant industrial mills took over, producing flour by the ton with electrically powered steel rollers.

Hangin' Around

Photo: Frank Kratofil Photo: Frank Kratofil BIRDING AT THE SHASTA COLLEGE CAMPUS raptors and waterfowl. raptors and waterfowl. raptors and waterfowl. raptors and waterfowl. raptors and waterfowl.

Allison Victor

Photos: Kara Stewart : Kara Stewart THE TRANQUIL VIBES OF ALLISON AND VICTOR the duo into their usual position. the duo into their usual position. the duo into their usual position. the duo into their usual position.

A Shoe In

Story: Jim Dyar EXPLORE THE NORTH STATE WITH SNOWSHOES The appeal of snowshoeing can be summed up in the lines from a famous Christmas carol, where the “snow is glistening,” it’s “a beautiful sight,” and you’re “walking in a winter wonderland.”

Tried And Brewed

photo: hoto: CALIFORNIA BREWING COMPANY IN REDDING When Jay Webster imagined his own business three years ago, it didn’t look like this. In his sights were large vats, lots of bottles and a tasting room full of eager beer aficionados of varying maturity. And for a while, it looked as though that’s how things might end up. Then the economy fell out, and so too did the investment capital that Webster and his business partner had all but secured to fulfill their dreams.

Rise Above

photo: JohnReiser oto: JohnReiser HIRISEFMX TAKES IT TO A NEW LEVEL had his share of thrills and chills. had his share of thrills and chills. chills. And then came the spills. And the fractures, the surgeries, the ankle that had to be rebuilt twice and the titanium-reinforced tibia and fibula in his right leg. So what’s a semi-retired, former high-flier to do at the ripe old age of 24? For Reiser, the answer proved to be promoting.

Elbow Room

photos courtesy of Redding Rollergirls f Redding Rollergirls REDDING ROLLER GIRLS ELBOW THEIR WAY IN AS A LEGITIMATE SPORT Don’t let ‘em fool ya. Behind the body-baring outfits, pink fishnets and tattoos are mothers, wives, business owners and nurses.

A Tail Of Love

photo: Brent Van Auken Brent Van Auken SUNSHINE SANCTUARY FOR KIDS & HORSES Following the 1999 tragedy at Columbine High, Christina Nooner took Jane Paulie’s advice to heart: “Teach kids to be nice to kitties, and they learn compassion for all others.”

A Sound Endeavor

photo: Brent VanAuken oto: Brent VanAuken THE SOUNDHOUSE RECORDING STUDIO Buttons and dials aren’t typical emblems of the artistic process, but for a music producer, they’re as apropos as a paintbrush or lump of clay. At The Soundhouse, a major recording studio in downtown Redding, the buttons and dials are just the beginning.

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