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Style Trends to Adore in 2018

It’s a love affair as old as time. Every year, fashion lovers worldwide wait to catch a glimpse of what’s hot off the runway, hoping to incorporate some life-giving looks into the fold.

The Craft of Blacksmith John Wood

From the sides of the forge come tongues of dragon’s breath. The orange and red flames lick the air as leather gloves push the steel rod inside, heating the dark metal into a glowing creature.

The Boggs Collection at the Redding Library

In the 1930s, Mae Helene Bacon Boggs donated a small wooden cabinet with books to Redding Carnegie Library.

Boundary Waters receives first place for manual Textile Screen Printing

When you watch DJ Bobette Riggs bop non-stop from behind her sound board, you can imagine how difficult it may be to capture her essence in just one image.

Tips to Care for Your Skin During Colder Weather

Baby, it’s cold outside, and hot showers and indoor heat can wreak havoc on your skin this time of year. The weather has a direct effect on your skin—moisture and humidity in the warm seasons preserve the protective barrier of the skin’s natural moisture.

Don Mclean at the Cascade Theatre

Since first hitting the music charts in 1971, singer-songwriter Don McLean has accumulated more than 40 gold and platinum records worldwide and has been inducted into the Songwriters’ Hall of Fame.

Joey Carroll of Peaceful Heart Creations

The flute-maker closes his eyes. In his hands, he holds one of his creations, a polished pipe hewn from a fallen cedar. In his mind, he goes back to the day he found that tree, a casualty of cleanup from a Shasta County wildfire.

Nello’s Place Italian Cuisine in Redding

Jim Dad, the owner of Nello’s Place, doesn’t need to go online to find out what customers think.

Sparrow's Landing in Red Bluff

Although Sparrow's Landing in Red Bluff is a new business, it’s built on a decade’s long dream and a love that took even longer to flourish.

Romantic Locations to Share the Love

To celebrate a budding romance or a romance rekindled, the North State offers a stunning kaleidoscope of color any time of the year. Sunsets of pinks, blues and purples present tranquility.
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