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Read some articles from back issues of the print edition and supplemental content.

Jennifer Beers

Just a quick comment on your premier issue of Enjoy. Loved it! Loved the pictures! Loved the articles! And the layout was so pleasing. I think you picked the right name too, because I really enjoyed all of it. Job well done, looking forward to the next issue already!

Erin Friedman

The premiere issue of your magazine looks beautiful -- very nicely done. I've been thinking the North State needs a magazine like this since we moved here nine years ago -- glad you've done such a great job with it.

Michael G. Davis

I am very impressed with the quality of Enjoy magazine! It is unlike any other magazine that I’ve picked up, and it is truly remarkable that it is crafted right here in Redding. The articles are captivating and stimulating, and the actual physical product in itself is attractive in design. Enjoy is really an extraordinary composition that all of Northern California should be excited to have available.

Cyndie Nelson

My experience with Enjoy magazine has been nothing but wonderful. From the sales team, to the design team, to the finished product -- very professional with a great result. We are lucky to have such a beautiful magazine in the North State.

Ron White

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your team for the outstanding job you are doing on my ads in Enjoy magazine. I completely understand how vitally important it is in creating and building brand awareness. There is only so much money available to devote to an advertising and marketing budget each month and so you have to get creative and stretch those dollars out as far as they can go. That is why Enjoy magazine is by far my favorite venue for advertising. This is the first time that I have actually felt like I'm getting my money's worth out of my advertising dollars. Not only is Enjoy magazine the highest quality publication available to Real Estate Agents, you and your Team actually CREATE my ads for me. When I advertise with Enjoy I am not forced to use a template that no matter how you change it, always ends up looking like everyone else's ads. I would compare the quality of the ads that Enjoy's staff creates to those ads found in some of the most popular publications on any newsstand today. Best of all, everywhere I go people tell me they saw my ad in Enjoy magazine. I have NEVER had that happen in all of the years I've been advertising. This tells me that Enjoy has become a very popular resource to our community and my ads are working! I couldn't ask for more. I can't thank you and all the staff from Enjoy magazine enough. I will confidently recommend you to every business owner I know in Redding.

Steve and Claudia Coleman

ENJOY magazine has big city quality with small town flair. Only ENJOY magazine has been able to truly capture the essence of our business. It's been a JOY working with you. Thank you.

Ben Shirley

We were so impressed with your ad for Gold Street Cafe that we drove over and had lunch. The photo jumped right out at us with the gray counter top and bright red coffee cups. We were greeted with a warm smile and the food was great, just what we had in mind. Thanks,

Ann Malotky

I love the exposure I’m getting from my Ad in Enjoy. The feedback has been very positive and I’m getting lots of new clients wanting “Exceptional Smiles”. Thank you!

Charlie Price

Several months ago I started thumbing through a magazine at my optometrist’s office thinking it was a new glossy lifestyle monthly out of New York or L.A. When I saw it had articles about Redding and the North State, I thought San Francisco magazine had run a special edition and when I got to the masthead identifying it as a Redding magazine I was astounded. Have we come that far as a community? The quality of the photography, the layo ut design, and the professionalism in the articles made me proud to be represented so beautifully as a North State citizen. Since then I have enjoyed articles and photo essay s (even many of the ads!) as they have portrayed local people I know and in whom I am interested. Congratulations, Enjoy. You all and your publication are first rate. Thank you!

Mike Solzman

One of Webster’s definitions For the word “enjoy” is as follows: “to have or experience with joy; get pleasure from; relish”. There could be no more apt interpretation for the worth of your wonderful publication. My wife and I moved to Redding five years ago from a more populated urban area. Now, our receipt of Enjoy helps enable us to realize the best of all possible worlds… i.e. the beauty and relaxed living that Redding provides coupled with the taste of sophistication engendered by the content of your publication. Congratulations on your noteworthy success.
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