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How Does Your Garden Grow

TOP 10 FLOWER, FRUIT OR VEGETABLE If you love fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers and enjoy eating and sharing the fruits of your labor, you’ve probably started working – or at least thinking about – your summer garden. What fruit, vegetable or flower do you plant that thrives in this North State heat? Below are the answers we received from our online poll.

Yee Ha

FAVORITE THINGS ABOUT RODEO WEEK Rodeos are a pretty big deal in the North State. Not only do they bring a lot of revenue to the area, they show community spirit, feature several days of exciting events and bring hundreds of cowboys and cowgirls from all over the country. We asked our online readers to tell us their favorite thing about Rodeo Week and here are the Top 10:

Fishin' Hole

Top 10 Places to Wet a Line Northern California is home to some of the best fishing spots in the United States. Whether you fish from a boat or the shore, with a fishing guide or on your own, or with a hook or a fly, there are countless places in the North State to catch the “big one.” Rivers, creeks and lakes galore run through our backyard, and the ocean is a hop, skip and jump away, so the opportunities are endless. Here are some of the top spots of those who voted on our online poll.

Hair Stylin'

Top 10 Beauty Salons or Barber Shops There are 100,000 hairs on the average person’s head, and each strand’s lifespan is two to seven years. Hair is the second fastest growing tissue in the body (bone marrow is first) and grows an average of a half-inch per month. It’s a good thing we have some fabulous hair salons, barbers and stylists in the North State. It seems people are pretty passionate about their hairstylist – we received more online votes for this poll than any other one we’ve ever done. Below are the results for our readers’ favorite place to get your hair cut.

Out and About

Pool tables, dancing, live music, full bar. (must be 21 or older) Pool tables, dancing, live music, full bar. (must be 21 or older) full bar. (must be 21 or older) Clean, comfortable and a friendly staff.

Top 10 Things Our Readers Can't Live Without

1. Cell phone/smart phone 2. Computer/internet 3. Coffee 4. Swimming pool 5. Car 6. Music 7. ATM card 8. Air conditioning 9. Showers 1. Cell phone/smart phone 2. Computer/internet 3. Coffee 4. Swimming pool 5. Car 6. Music 7. ATM card 8. Air conditioning 9. Showers 10. Makeup

Pizza Pie

Top 10 Pizzerias in the North State October is National Pizza Month. We asked our readers where in the North State they go to eat their favorite pizza pie. • Pepperoni is Americas favorite topping, while anchovies are the least favorite. 

Hobby Happiness

Top 10 hobbies Studies have shown that having a hobby can improve your health and happiness. Some people like to sew in their free time, while others love to golf. What kind of hobbies do you have? Below are the most popular answers from our online poll.

Auto Service

Top 10 places to get your car serviced If you aren’t car savvy, it can be intimidating to find someone you trust to work on your vehicle. Finding a mechanic you can rely on is much like finding a doctor you’re comfortable with. Below are the results from our online poll.

Random Acts of Kindness

1. My husband, Neil, had a ladder accident in Dunsmuir volunteering at the Amtrak Depot. Random acts of kindness shown to him and his Nurse Nellie during our 17 days in Dunsmuir before returning home touched us deeply, from hospital staff, the van driver, friends offering their help (Neil’s Angels) to a cherry pie. Small towns are the very best; they take care of one another. Thanks to Neil’s Angels all!
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