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Dinner Date

Casual Fine Dining at Crumbs Restaurant  On any given Tuesday in McArthur, the farmer eating lunch on his tractor may just be noshing on sushi. “This isn’t just a restaurant that operates off the tourist base,” says Travis Hickey of Crumbs, the casual fine dining establishment he owns with his wife, Fiona.

Ride To Love, Love To Ride

ON THE ROAD WITH THE LADIES OF HARLEY Big Bike Weekend rumbles into town this month with proud owners showing off a diversity of makes, models and regalia during three days of events. Among the participants will be the Ladies of Harley.

Ink Well

JAMIE DAVIES OF TATTOOZ INK TAKES A RUN AT ‘INK MASTERS’ Unless you have a black light, you won’t find a single tattoo on Jamie Davies’ body. But that hasn’t stopped the owner of Tattooz Ink from making his mark on his industry - and today, his sights are set on becoming Ink Master.

Home On The Range

ORDER UP AT VIC’S BRANDING IRON IN COTTONWOOD Photo: James Mazzotta Photo: James Mazzotta There are 19 seats at the counter of Vic’s Branding Iron in Cottonwood, and each has been laid claim to by the many who dine there on a daily basis. “We’ve got a lot of older guys and they all sit in the exact same seat,” says manager Vic Woolery, 67, of his Shasta Livestock Auction yard institution. “They feel bad if someone else gets their seat. But most of them are here at 6 o’clock when we open, so it’s not a problem.”

Haunted History

ERIC VOLLMERS’ OLD TOWN HAUNTED HISTORY TOURS IN EUREKA Hans Henry Buhne, the 19th Century Danish sea captain credited with piloting the first ship into Humboldt Bay, was a pillar of the Eureka community who enjoyed success as a merchant, dairyman, tugboat captain and more.


DAN’S OPTICAL MAKES GLASSES FOR THE HOMELESS Photo: Betsy Erickson o: Betsy Erickson They line up by the dozens, peering at Dan Waldrop from behind taped-up glasses, cracked lenses or reading spectacles from the dollar store. Some simply squint, because they have no glasses at all.


DUNSMUIR BREWERY BORN ON THE MOUNTAIN Mighty Mt. Shasta has done a lot of things for a lot of people. For thirsty travelers on Interstate 5 and locals in Dunsmuir, it can boast of one more: it made Dunsmuir Brewery Works possible.

Who Will Help Me?

Photo: Linda Bergmann Photo: Linda Bergmann Photo: Linda Bergmann gmann In the old folk tale of The Little Red Hen, the eponymous heroine is given a grain of wheat and asks for help to make it grow. No one comes to her assistance and so she toils away on her own.

Voice Activated

Mark McAbee, Extraordinary Vocalist Photos: Heather Armstrong tos: Heather Armstrong Vocalist, guitar player, songwriter and DJ Mark McAbee of Clear Cut Entertainment is a multifaceted man. Whether singing solo, playing with his band at a local restaurant or spinning CDs at a wedding, McAbee fills a venue with music.

Put On The Cheer

Photos: Bret Christensen Photos: Bret Christensen Photos: Bret Christensen Photos: Bret Christensen en Say “ugly sweater,” and most folks’ thoughts turn to smiling reindeer and glittery trees. At the Second Time Around thrift shop on North Market Street, however, you can set your sights much higher. Or, in this case, lower.

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