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Read some articles from back issues of the print edition and supplemental content.

That's Tops!

Photos: Bret Christensen ret Christensen FAMILY-OWNED TOPS MARKETS IN WEAVERVILLE AND REDDING A grocery store often serves as the heart and soul of a small town, and Tops Market in Weaverville is no exception.

Tall Tales

Photos: Dennis Pool & Larry Rogers amp; Larry Rogers JOHN WELCH'S REPAIR OF THE ANIMAL COUNCIL TOTEM POLE When John Welch oversaw the October 1999 installation of his Animal Council totem pole in Shingletown, he never imagined he’d have to do the whole process over again 13 years later.

Pushing The Edge

Photos: Betsy Erickson & Courtesy of Balanced Edge of Balanced Edge BALANCED EDGE TRAINING SCHOOL Northern California’s mountains, caves, rivers, lakes and endless trail systems provide a cornucopia of outdoor features to explore, but those features come with some requisite risks. Unfortunately, those risks can discourage novice adventurers from exploring the beauty that lies in their own backyard. Fortunately, Balanced Edge outdoor training school offers survival, rescue and technical training, not only to educate people about enjoying the outdoors in a safe manner, but also to bond them through their experience.

A Touch Of Grace

Photos: Tracey Hedge hotos: Tracey Hedge COMPASS SHININGCARE'S GRACE PLACE There is a hidden gem at 1448 Pine St., inside the historic Thompson house, one of the oldest in Redding. From the outside, the building doesn’t call much attention to itself, but those who enter GracePlace Tea House & Gift Boutique soon realize they have discovered a unique and wonderful place.

100% Computer Friendly

Photos by: Bret Christensen s by: Bret Christensen COMPUTERS FOR CLASSROOMS IS A COMMUNITY GIFT Pat Furr doesn’t remember exactly how old she was when she started at Chico State University to begin work toward a master’s degree in computer science. She does say, “My son was in college with me. I was probably about 50.”

Wine Time

Photos: Bret Christensen os: Bret Christensen Ringtail Vineyards and Winery in Manton Named for an elusive nocturnal visitor that samples the ripening fruit, Ringtail Vineyards sits in the western foothills of Lassen Peak. At a comfortable elevation of 2,500 feet, grapes flourish during warm days and cool nights in nutrient-rich volcanic soil. A picturesque setting in the heart of the vineyard is well-suited for small weddings and events. The tasting room, designed for relaxing and conversation, invites visitors to linger over a glass of fine wine.

Pick Up Styx

Styx Bass Player Ricky Phillips Photos: Jason Powell and Jesse Zimmerman Rulli Zimmerman Rulli All of which makes the bassist for the band Styx a little nervous about the Sept. 11 gig at the downtown theater. “I’m hoping we don’t blow the roof off the place,” he says, laughing. “Putting an arena rock band in that little place? I’ve got two words: ear plugs.”

Model Behavior

Shasta Scale Modelers Replicate the Sundial Bridge Photos: Bret Christensen s: Bret Christensen What do you get when you fill a workspace with plastic, wood, metal, fishing line and the creative mind of Stan Freeman? A scale model of the Sundial Bridge. In collaboration with Mike Lindsey, founding member of Shasta Scale Modelers, Freeman skillfully turned out the replica in about 1,500 hours.

Jewelry With A Purpose

Lorie Lynn Jewelry One gander around her beautiful 1902 Victorian home might give you an inkling for the passion she has for things with a bit of history, a touch of charm, and, most of all, an undeniable character that only something old can have. Twyman’s love for breathing new life into something old extends far past her living space – she carries it with her each time she designs a piece of jewelry.

Fighting Chance

Psycho Fitness and MMA Owner Avery Vilche Avery Vilche was the little girl who could keep up with her brothers in boxing matches. Growing up in Red Bluff, she loved sparring with them in the front yard.

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