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If you had an unlimited shopping spree at only one store, which store would you choose? , which store would you choose? The Enjoy Store. I love the local stuff, and made in the USA, you can find something for anyone. Crown Camera, if you like capturing life in a photo, that’s where to go for supplies and good advice. Dandelion, great clothes, great staff, your neighbor won’t have on the same outfit. Bead Man, go to the Bead Man. ~La Rue

What's the Plan

Take my granddaughters to Disneyland, hopefully including the two in Florida, too. ~Elena Disneyland, hopefully including the two in Florida, too. ~Elena Eliminate things I no longer use or need. ~Phillip

Sentimental Value

What toy or object from your childhood do you still have? What made you keep it? I still have my Barbies. My daughters got a lot of enjoyment out of them and now my granddaughter plays with them. ~Robin

Big Winner

Did you win because you worked hard for it, because you strategized or because you were lucky? strategized or because you were lucky? The best thing I ever won was a weekend in Reno where I won $500 on a free slot spin. ~Suzie

Patrick John

I just wanted to say Congratulations to the ENJOY staff for putting out a great first issue. I picked up a copy at the gym (Adamson's Peak Performance) last week, and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I was talking about the magazine on-the-air Friday, and another copy arrived in my mailbox later that day. I added a quick link to your site on the BILLY & PATRICK page of our website. Please let me know if there's anything I can do to give you a little push. Keep up the good work- I'll be waiting for the next issue!

Rebekah Pearson

I just wanted to send a quick note letting you know how much I enjoyed the premier issue of enjoy!! I think this is a wonderful new publication in the Redding area. I have only lived here a couple of years and it is exciting to see the north state growing and blossoming! I look forward to upcoming issues!

Jennifer Beers

Just a quick comment on your premier issue of Enjoy. Loved it! Loved the pictures! Loved the articles! And the layout was so pleasing. I think you picked the right name too, because I really enjoyed all of it. Job well done, looking forward to the next issue already!

Erin Friedman

The premiere issue of your magazine looks beautiful -- very nicely done. I've been thinking the North State needs a magazine like this since we moved here nine years ago -- glad you've done such a great job with it.

Michael G. Davis

I am very impressed with the quality of Enjoy magazine! It is unlike any other magazine that I’ve picked up, and it is truly remarkable that it is crafted right here in Redding. The articles are captivating and stimulating, and the actual physical product in itself is attractive in design. Enjoy is really an extraordinary composition that all of Northern California should be excited to have available.

Cyndie Nelson

My experience with Enjoy magazine has been nothing but wonderful. From the sales team, to the design team, to the finished product -- very professional with a great result. We are lucky to have such a beautiful magazine in the North State.
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