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Beauty Products We Love Right Now

I don't know about any of you, but I have a serious beauty product addiction. Drug stores, department stores and especially Sephora/Ulta-type beauty meccas—I visit them all. Luckily, I have an excuse—it’s my job to research the latest and greatest so I can help guide Enjoy readers toward the season’s must-haves. So from my heart to yours—here are a few of my favorite things.

Find Your Perfect Accessory

A fashion accessory can be quite an enigma. It’s rather puzzling how a piece that was initially created to play the background has suddenly become the most sought-after element in any given fashion ensemble.

Holiday Beauty Tips and Tricks

It's already that time of year again— winter weather, holiday parties and many other indulgences that leave you looking and feeling more like Santa Claus than Santa Baby.

The Latest Scoop on Holiday Fashions

California, in the grand scheme of fashion, is often thought of as New York’s casual cousin, the one proudly wearing white after Labor Day, the one wearing a lace-up when a loafer may have been a more widely adopted notion. And we Californians have fully embraced this more relaxed take on fashion – in fact, we’ve made it a brand all our own.

Fun Fall Nail Ideas

There's a wide glorious world of nail trends for fall — isn’t it time you gave one a spin? This list is your way in.

Promising Smiles Gives Hope to Low-Income Women

A life can turn on a smile returned.

Beauty Beyond Summer

As another school year approaches and the leisurely days of summer come to an end, you may need a little extra inspiration to help get you out of bed and into something other than shorts or a bathing suit. Here are a few ideas to help you get ready and out the door in minutes

Summer Beauty Basics

Tips to Streamline Your Beauty Routine

Powder Puff Girls

I remember being in eighth grade and sneaking a little bit of makeup in the bathroom at school—I wasn’t allowed to wear any until high school. So when I was a freshman, I went crazy, and not in a good way. I had no idea what I was doing. Sometimes, as in my case, the combination of young girls and makeup leads to disaster. Tweens just don’t have the experience they need to use makeup properly.

Pose Session

“Good morning, everyone,” says Jana Parker, owner of Balance Yoga Center, as she sits cross-legged, hands on her knees, facing a class of some 30 students. “Let’s close our eyes and come into a comfortable seat.”
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