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Customize Your Care Routine

In a world with trackers and apps to propel you toward your fitness goals, it’s no wonder skincare is moving in a customized direction, too.

Small Steps to Better Health with Healthy Shasta

It’s a movement that moves in many ways, all with the aim of getting North State residents to be active and eat wisely.

Denim Blue... Here, There and Everywhere

Imagine slipping on your favorite pair of blue jeans, their soft indigo granting you instant relief from the stresses of the world, giving you confidence and comfort...

Own That Thing

This month has me thinking about “that thing.” No, not Valentine’s Day, that other thing.

The Many Benefits of Essential Oils

Essential oils, or aromatic oils as they were once called, are gaining worldwide recognition for their versatility, but they are not new.

Therapy Alternatives

There usually comes a time in everyone’s life when a little therapy is necessary. From torn ACLs to situational depression, physical and mental health should be complemented...

Finding Treatment with Personal Stem Cells

While every body is different, each possesses the power to help heal itself through trillions of stem cells, particularly hopeful news for people living with chronic pain and systemic health conditions.

Making Worksite Wellness a Priority

Most people know healthy eating and physical activity are key to living your best life. But when you spend the bulk of your waking hours at work, it can feel impossible...

Shasta Community Acupuncture

Jean and J.P. O'Hara made a list of qualities they required in a community when they decided to uproot their private acupuncture practice in Southern California to open a community clinic.

Technology and Your Health

You’ve developed a rash, so you consult Dr. Google – who is quick to reveal that you may have a rare and potentially deadly ailment.
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