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Daniel Best's Steam Tractor No. 185

Upon the first encounter with this behemoth, it is as if a “steam-punk” themed sculpture had come to life. Sitting atop three gigantic all-steel wheels is what appears to be a steam locomotive

The Boggs Collection at the Redding Library

In the 1930s, Mae Helene Bacon Boggs donated a small wooden cabinet with books to Redding Carnegie Library.

Boundary Waters receives first place for manual Textile Screen Printing

When you watch DJ Bobette Riggs bop non-stop from behind her sound board, you can imagine how difficult it may be to capture her essence in just one image.

My Town

February 2018

Camp HOPE Inspires Kids in the North State

North State children exposed to domestic violence are finding hope in the form of a unique camp- Camp HOPE.

15th Annual MultiCultural Celebration in Shasta Lake

For the past 15 years, the North State has hosted a multicultural celebration at Central Valley High School.

Restore Orthotics and Prosthetics

The experts at Restore Orthotics and Prosthetics restore not only a missing arm or leg, but strive to raise the overall quality of life for amputees.

Mount Shasta’s Everitt Memorial Highway

Along the slopes of Mt. Shasta are 14 miles of two-lane road weaving through the high-elevation forest to the tree line where the timber ends and the trails to the summit begin.

Growing the Dental Industry with Dr. Ron Clark

Dr. Ron Clark is an example of the success that can come from finding clarity of purpose.

Limelight Health—Making Insurance a Little Easier

Small business owners know what it’s like to navigate the miry, murky waters of insurance, and that compared to the practical needs of employees, the remote realm of insurance carriers...
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