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Rise Above

photo: THE WEED BAKERY Sourdough bread has a pungent, tangy taste unique to the age, humidity and elevation of the starter dough. A small portion of the starter is set aside, and if fed flour and water daily, it will last for years. The bread became the main food item of the California Gold Rush, as “sourdough” became a nickname for miners. Today, the bread is a mainstay of the Weed Bakery and the starter of a dream for Mike Michelon and his wife, Margie.

Canvas Calling

Al Pacino, playing a blind character in “Scent of a Woman,” expressed the sensuous rapture of dancing with a beautiful woman… their movement on the dance floor, their elegant oneness with each fluid step, the very fragrance of her being. True artists feel similar sensuality throughout the process of creating. Bev Corford often feels her canvas calling her, keeping her through the night, a passion welling up and spilling out as the brush moves on her canvas. The paint flows and bends, her mind and body at one with the image emerging.

Harmonious Red

story and photo: Jon Lewis MACDOLE'S PRATHER RANCH A National Public Radio reporter was touring Prather Ranch recently and took his recorder into a pasture to capture the sound of cattle mooing. There was only one problem: contented, healthy, relaxed, well-fed cows don’t have anything to moo about.

Course Correction

photos: ERIC MARSHALL'S ROAD TO RECOVERY It was a memorable crash for many reasons. For one thing, Eric Marshall’s busted-up Cessna 180 was completely visible from Buenaventura Boulevard, a busy driving route in west Redding. The plane smashed into a hill just above Starlight Boulevard, well short of the runway at Benton Airpark.

Amped On Music

photo: Kara Stewart : Kara Stewart MARVIN ALLEN’S PASSION FOR MUSIC Marvin Allen remembers the exact moment he heard the sound that set his life’s course in motion. It was Jimmy Page’s guitar solo on Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway to Heaven.” Allen, a fourth grader at the time, was riding in a car with his father on North Street in Anderson in front of Duffy’s Liquor Store.

Steel In Business

story and photos: Wyatt Olson 80 YEARS OF GERLINGER STEEL Anyone who has driven through downtown Redding has likely noticed the large red sign emblazoned with, “Gerlinger Steel and Supply,” but few realize that inside those retro brick buildings operates one of the oldest companies in Redding. Gerlinger Steel opened 80 years ago and has been involved with some of the most groundbreaking and important construction projects in Northern California, such as Shasta Dam, Keswick Dam, Interstate 5 and more.

Pangia Power

The gym and training facility was opened in February by visionary owner Ed White and his partner, Larry Fuqua. White’s office in the loft area overlooks the spacious 21,000 square feet of carefully renovated and creatively designed workout space. He credits Aztec Construction owner and his wife, Kelly and Alexis Asbe, “for making my dream come true.” It was a whirlwind adventure from the time he left his old location and opened the doors of the new facility on Athens Avenue.

Golden Touch

photo: TEHAMA COUNTY'S PACIFIC SUN GOURMET Tucked away on a rural Tehama County road is a golden treasure – richly flavored Pacific Sun extra virgin olive oil pressed from locally grown, hand-harvested fruit from trees that have been in the area for decades.

Uniting Cultures

photo: : MEY CHAO-LEE, CULTURAL COMPETENCY COORDINATOR Meycho (Mey) Chao-Lee takes nothing for granted. Not the car that she drives to work, nor the carpet that she walks across in her living room, nor the ability to speak her mind without fear of death at the hands of Communists.

Elite Trainer

photo courtesy of Don Smith/San Jose Sharks an Jose Sharks Ray Tufts discovered the book “The First Aider” by the Cramer Sports Medicine Co., and used it as a guide to help athletes recover from sprains, bumps and bruises.
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