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In Their Prime

When Roger Lawson bought a smokehouse in a foreclosure sale in Santa Rosa, it was the beginning of the end of his day job. A meat cutter who worked for every major grocery store in Humboldt County, Lawson says he began smoking and curing meats as a hobby.

How Sweet it is

To walk through the doors of La Flor de Michoacan Paleteria y Neveria in Chico is to step into a part of Mexico where ice cream and frozen fruit bars are a steadfast tradition and recipes are handed down through the generations. The bright pink walls and freezer cases from Mexico transport customers of Mexican descent back to their homeland and offer others a unique opportunity to experience a sweeter side of Mexican cuisine.

Wild About Nature

Just north of Mount Shasta near Hammond Ranch sits a very special 112 acres of woods, streams, meadows and mountains. Tucked into this beauty is Headwaters Outdoor School, where people from all over the country, and indeed the world, have come to appreciate nature and learn wilderness skills from founder Tim Corcoran.

Crafty Connections

Gannon has even begun designing her own scrapbook paper, which proudly features the Sundial Bridge and is available at her store. The shelves at She’s Crafty are adorned with paper in virtually every color of the rainbow, crafting materials, tools and everything needed to create a beautiful work of art – and the work of some of her customers. “I want them to feel that they belong here. Because they do. This place is for us.”•

For Generations

Like most college graduates, Jorgelina Roisenzvit, 35, was ready for a high-powered job when she was handed her diploma at the University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez. Unlike most grads, however, she wasn’t ready to say goodbye to the part-time retail job she’d held to get her through school. She worked in a clothing boutique and found she’d developed a bond with her co-workers and enjoyed interacting with customers. She decided to stay on as she moved forward in her career in wealth management.

Bug Patrol

We’ve come to accept that bugs are bad, in any form. Spot a spider. Squish it. Spy a praying mantis. Get rid of it. Cruise the gardening aisles at any home center and you’ll find significant shelf space devoted to all manner of bug-killing potions.

The Bonds of Baseball

It was my Uncle Joe who taught me the game that forever influenced my life and brings me such great joy today. My Uncle Joe in Lorain, Ohio, who, because of a bad bout with polio, had one leg significantly shorter than the other, had me fielding grounders and taking batting practice at the age of 5. My Uncle Joe Katkic gave me the gift of baseball.

Pinch Me!

The town of Mount Shasta is dominated by the magnificent, snow-capped beauty of its 14,179-foot namesake. Maybe it’s the creative influence of the mountain, the sparkling lakes, bubbling streams or the lush forests, but among the town’s citizens is an incredible collection of talented artists, writers and musicians. Among this gifted group is the acoustic musical duo of Leslie Tift and Tom Scott, who recently achieved national recognition.

Heir Apparent

It’s not every day you meet a knight in Redding, California, or anywhere else in the world, for that matter. But if you were to walk into The Antique Dragon on Park Marina Drive  and talk to Dr. Carl Vincent, you would be having a conversation with a man who has been inducted into knighthood for his bravery. Vincent doesn’t consider himself a hero for having saved some young Russian Orthodox believers so many years ago from an unimaginable fate. He simply did what he felt needed to be done at that time. Though he prefers to keep the details private, his decision to follow his heart changed the course of several lives, some of whom are still alive to tell about it.

Secret Garden

The sun dances over young trees in pots, which watch eagerly as people pull into the parking lot of the Spring Hill Nursery and Gardens. Large conifers tower in the background over their smaller cousins as young children, parents and garden enthusiasts come to adopt plants for their yards and gardens. A blue Stellar Jay hops among the trees, chirping as if greeting guests. People grab the worn handles of flat carts, entering through the vine-covered beams of the archway onto the curling paths of the two-acre expanse.

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