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The Library That Went Home For The Holidays

story: Kallie Markle COTTONWOOD COMMUNITY LIBRARY’S CHRISTMAS HOME TOUR There aren’t many ways to blend Christmas, libraries and the penchant for peeking into your neighbor’s house, but the people of Cottonwood manage to pull it off with panache. Every December, the Cottonwood Community Library presents its Christmas Home Tour. The self-guided tour, now its 10th year, features five Cottonwood residences and their unique holiday decorations.

Gettin' Hooked

photos: Paul Heath photos: Paul Heath h BASSHOLE BAR AND GRILL Cheryl and David Dulon had a dream. Then residing in the San Francisco Bay area, the idea that they would one day own a business was always at the forefront of their minds. They saw an ad, made a move and now, 13 years later, the Basshole Bar and Grill is more of a destination than it’s ever been.

Art Strings

photos: Brent Van Auken rent Van Auken James Russell and Jason Schroeder Build Beautiful Guitars Anyone can view the guitars made by Jason Schroeder or James Russell and see that they’re gorgeous. But the assessment gets really interesting when expert players and serious guitar aficionados get their hands on them.

Awesome Entrees

Photo: Monica VanDeWalker to: Monica VanDeWalker MICHAEL'S RESTAURANT IN MT. SHASTA Nick Kobseff knew how to promote his restaurant. He purchased an ailing racehorse and fed it ravioli from his Rancho Nicasio restaurant in Marin County. Not only did the horse flourish, it attracted the local press, and the previous owner asked for his horse back. Nick consented and was pleased when the horse won a few races. His young son Michael watched his efforts and gained a love for the restaurant business, making this his future career.

Clear Focus

Sometime around 3:30 to 4 am, Frank Kratofil eagerly hunts for the perfect shot where first light frosts the horizon. As the earliest rays of sunlight broaden their line along the landscape, this hunter hopes to capture in vivid focus with his camera what he sees through eyes that once were legally blind. He waits patiently for the “WOW!” that excites him on his pre-dawn excursions and attempts to shoot it digitally for others to later enjoy in his photographs.

Automobile Art

story: Nikole McBain ry: Nikole McBain THE ART OF RESTORING CARS WITH KEVIN KAY RESTORATION Kevin Kay Restorations creates automotive art for the European classic car connoisseur. Its mint masterpieces have won and placed in prestigious concours d’elegance throughout California. Across the States and around the globe, there are Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Porsches, Jaguars and Rolls Royces that have passed through the KKR garages in north Redding.

Red Carpet Affair

photos: Courtesy Of Jesse Rosten esy Of Jesse Rosten Second Annual Sundial Film Festival You’ve purchased your ticket, picked out the best plush red seat and have already started nibbling popcorn when the theatre lights dim and the projector behind you starts up. There’s something different about this film, though: instead of a Hollywood soundstage, it’s set in your neighborhood, and instead of preternaturally attractive super-celebrities, it stars your dentist.

Perfect Illusion

Among wildlife and conservation groups, one local artist’s work stands out among the throng. She has earned accolades from such groups as Quail Unlimited, Ducks Unlimited and the Dove Sportsman’s Society. More than 100 of her works have been donated to fundraising efforts including Upland Game, Shasta Land Trust, KIXE and The Wild Horse Sanctuary. Roberta (Roby) Baer is a home-grown, self-taught Shasta County artist who enjoys international acclaim for her photorealistic pastel paintings.

In Good Character

story: Kerri Regan IMAGINATION COMES TO LIFE AT EDMONDS STUDIOS He’s one of Hollywood’s most widely recognized actors, but you won’t find the paparazzi stalking him on Oscar night. In “The Lion King,” Russ Edmonds brought the newborn cub Simba to life, when Rafiki lifted him up for all the kingdom to see at Pride Rock. He created Prince Naveen the frog, Stella the dog and Marcel the cat in Disney’s latest blockbuster, “Princess and the Frog.” His characters are household names to anyone who has watched a Disney movie in the past 20 years.

Come Sail Away

An eager group of fifth-grade students from Rocky Point Charter School has gathered to learn the principles and pleasures of sailing. Divided into four boats, they call to each other with delight, clinging tightly to the port or starboard of the hull as they glide through the water. Mike Strahle sits at the stern of his Sonar racer, harnessed into an adaptive skipper seat (his own design) that allows him to steer the boat while his crew tends to the sails. Keeping the traveler line loose and the mainsheet line taut, the mainsail billowing and the jib standing out, they run with the cool winter breeze on a rare clear day in late January.
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