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Weaverville's New York Saloon

CLOSE YOUR EYES in Weaverville’s New York Saloon, and you may find your mind wandering back to a time when stagecoaches rumbled through this Gold Rush town. Open them back up and you’ll find yourself in the company of down-to-earth, unpretentious folks who live by the motto, “You’re only a stranger here once.”

Wings of Eagles Supports Families of Seriously Ill Children

There is an old adage that says in spite of what we face in life, how we respond matters most in the end. Georgia Alvarez put this philosophy into action by establishing “Wings of Eagles,” The Joseph Alvarez Organization for Seriously Ill Children, after her young son lost his battle with a rare form of leukemia in 1991.

Rick Osbrink and Shasta College's Youth Entrepreneurship Project

Imagine a refrigerator that tracks expiration dates, prompts grocery list items and suggests recipes based on contents. When three recently graduated Shasta High School students presented this innovative idea, their brainchild proved enough to win the top prize in the annual Youth Entrepreneurship Project Business Concept and Elevator Pitch Competition in March.

Q97 Snapshot: Shakin' It!

They shake, they spin, they dance. They do it in our blistering heat, and shake it in the rain and snow. They are our Northern California sign shakers and they put it on the line for the businesses they represent every day on the busy streets of Redding. They are not getting wealthy, but I found out they all enjoy the work they do. I admire them for doing the work most people would never consider.

Damsels in Defense

The accessories displayed on the hot pink and zebra-print tablecloths are cute, fun and fashionable. But if you mess with one of the ladies who’s got one in her hand, you’re going down. Damsel in Defense is modeled after the in-home kitchen and jewelry parties that have been popular for years, but the products pack a punch. With the mission of equipping, empowering and educating women, Damsel Pros host parties all over the country to sell products including stun guns, pepper sprays, alarms and more.

Getting together with the Koffee Klatch

The Koffee Klatch dates back to a postwar Redding of simpler times, when thoughts of a downtown mall hadn’t even materialized, and it continues to the present day. Like clockwork, its members meet each weekday morning at The SandWichery to ruminate on matters large and small.

Be Moved

As a little girl, Marlene Meyers observed disabled people being left behind when families went to events. Her father explained that it was hard to load and unload the person into a car along with wheelchair and other necessary paraphernalia like oxygen tanks. She thought how unfair it was for them to miss out. Meyers never forgot those early images and her father’s sad assessment.

Most Impressionistic

It couldn’t have been more ordinary—just a humdrum old metal utility box that for years had occupied the sidewalk next to the Greyhound bus station. And then Sally Marbry got her hands on it. Now it’s a steamer trunk, a whimsical example of trompe-l’oeil painting and a perfect example of how art and beauty seem to follow the Redding resident wherever she goes.

In Their Prime

When Roger Lawson bought a smokehouse in a foreclosure sale in Santa Rosa, it was the beginning of the end of his day job. A meat cutter who worked for every major grocery store in Humboldt County, Lawson says he began smoking and curing meats as a hobby.

How Sweet it is

To walk through the doors of La Flor de Michoacan Paleteria y Neveria in Chico is to step into a part of Mexico where ice cream and frozen fruit bars are a steadfast tradition and recipes are handed down through the generations. The bright pink walls and freezer cases from Mexico transport customers of Mexican descent back to their homeland and offer others a unique opportunity to experience a sweeter side of Mexican cuisine.

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