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Insights from the Enjoy team. Found only on our website.

Lavender Fields Forever

California Farming since 1865, Lavender Ranch™ welcomes innovation while respecting tradition.

It's Our Jam

Mountain Fruit Co. is a small jamming company located in Chico, Calif., which is a small college town against the Sierra Nevada foothills of Northern California.

Nuts About Almonds

The Sohnrey Family has been farming for five generations.

Chai is Our Cup of Tea

Chico Chai is a rare brew, one made entirely from whole, real ingredients, no flavorings or extracts.

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Shopping for those last minute Christmas gifts? Enjoy the Store Redding has something for everyone on your list.

In Light of Fire

Colored glass giftware and dinnerware made from recycled glass.

All a Buzz at the Honey Hutch

At Chico Honey Company, it’s all about the bees.

The Best Christmas Gift

I’ve been seeing chatter on both Facebook and some of the blogs I follow about the Best Christmas Gifts given or received this year. My 'best' actually encompasses both the give and receive...

Smooth Move

Press, strain, enjoy!

Tea for Two

A bite or a sip of these Two Ladies' products will take you to tea time in England.
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