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There are some terrific things to do around town, we'll share some of them here and remember you can add events to our calendar.

DIY: Chicken Wire Planter

September 2017 Story by Kayla Stock Photos by Kelli Avila

Libraries and Llamas with Author Sharon Owen

The mystery writer Sharon Owen spent the bulk of her career in the medical field, so it’s not surprising that the protagonist in her Aimee Machado series is a hospital employee.

North State Artist Debbie Diestler

Some sayings just don’t prove true, like, “Those who can, do, and those who can’t, teach.” Many teachers teach because their passions must be shared and carried on to new generations.

The Wailers to Perform at the Cascade Theatre

Most music scholars agree that the role of the bass guitar in reggae was established by Aston “Family Man” Barrett, the legendary bass guitarist, musical arranger and record producer...

North State Artists Describe the Abstract

As legend goes, several thousand years ago, a primitive man marked the stone wall of his home with the end of a charred stick, rendering a work of art that another cave dweller...

Three Sisters and the HappBee Band

The way Martha Boyle figured it, her three daughters were going to play the fiddle whether they wanted to or not. Fortunately for 12-year-old Clara, Caite, 10, and Cora, 9, they wanted to.

Ceramic Art with Veronica Carrel

Red Bluff artist Veronica Carrel knows the value of a seemingly simple coffee mug.

Can You Find What's Different?

Can you find what's different between the two photos?

DIY: Blanket Ladder

August 2017 Story by Kayla Stock Photos by Kelli Avila

Film Director Roger Slagle

To know him is to love him. And to know him is to be fascinated by this wonderful friend of mine who loves deeply and fully and speaks directly from the heart.

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