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There are some terrific things to do around town, we'll share some of them here and remember you can add events to our calendar.

Hummingbird Enthusiast Teaches Photographers to Catch Elusive Subjects

THE HUMMINGBIRD fascinates people. A tiny flyer seems to appear out of nowhere, hovering impossibly near flower or feeder.

DIY: Fail Proof Calligraphy Wedding Sign

February 2018

The Craft of Blacksmith John Wood

From the sides of the forge come tongues of dragon’s breath. The orange and red flames lick the air as leather gloves push the steel rod inside, heating the dark metal into a glowing creature.

Don Mclean at the Cascade Theatre

Since first hitting the music charts in 1971, singer-songwriter Don McLean has accumulated more than 40 gold and platinum records worldwide and has been inducted into the Songwriters’ Hall of Fame.

Joey Carroll of Peaceful Heart Creations

The flute-maker closes his eyes. In his hands, he holds one of his creations, a polished pipe hewn from a fallen cedar. In his mind, he goes back to the day he found that tree, a casualty of cleanup from a Shasta County wildfire.

Sparrow's Landing in Red Bluff

Although Sparrow's Landing in Red Bluff is a new business, it’s built on a decade’s long dream and a love that took even longer to flourish.

DIY: Leather Wall Pockets

Clear the clutter with this functional and decorative accessory for your home or office. The possibilities are endless with what you can do with a few pieces of leather and wooden board.

Kaki King Live at Chico’s Laxson Auditorium

In Kaki King’s hands, her guitar becomes numerous instruments, creating a multitude of sonic and rhythmic effects.

Logan Hill: A Sea Divided

Redding! I am joining with friends to put on an album release show and fundraiser event.

Favorite Christmas Songs from Hip Hop to Honky Tonk

It’s the holiday season and time for that glorious subculture of popular music – it’s time for Christmas music!

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