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Backstage Wizardry

The Cascade Theatre’s production of “The Wizard of Oz” is such a huge undertaking that even the Wicked Witch of the West is excited.

Western Open Fiddle Championships

Old-time fiddlers are often asked to tell the difference between a violin and a fiddle. Some say a violin is carried in a case and a fiddle in a gunny sack. The organizers of this year's Western Open Fiddle Championships are saying simply, “Violins sing, but fiddles dance!”

Michael Franti's Roof-Rattling Rhythms

“Can you hear the sound? A little bit of rhythm makes the world go round.” It’s a musical question Michael Franti has been asking for two decades, and the rhythm in his voice is very much helping the world go round—on an orbit marked by compassion, unity and social justice.

Singer/Songwriter Darrell Scott

Darrell Scott is widely known, not only as a solo Americana and contemporary folk singer-songwriter, but also as a session player, a multi-instrumentalist and a successful songwriter for mainstream artists working out of Nashville.

Tedx Redding: Mapping Connections

Big ideas are not confined to big cities, nor are they the sole domain of venerated philosophers, famous scientists, gifted artists or celebrities. Inspirational dreams and revolutionary thoughts pop up everywhere; in cities big and small, in the countryside, atop mountains, in the middle of the sea and in the desert. The trick is collecting those ideas and sharing them with anybody interested in listening.

Boz Scaggs to Play at the Cascade Theatre

Boz Scaggs’ explorations into blues, R&B, rock and jazz has produced a career that brought with it acclaim, a loyal following and an enduring respect among his fellow musicians. He has always held high an appreciation of music history, especially the old blues and R&B tunes, he heard over the airwaves from faraway radio stations while growing up in Texas.

Classic Country Duo James Sasser and Chris Miller

James Sasser and Chris Miller have a lot of respect for each other and the gifts they each bring to their Portland, Ore.-based classic country duo. As an ace guitarist and slide player for artists like Dave Alvin, Asleep at the Wheel and Marcia Ball, Miller’s credentials are well established. But the Oregon Music Hall of Fame inductee has plenty of admiration for the young singer-songwriter he’s teamed up with.

Tower of Power

For 44 years, Oakland’s Tower of Power has delivered its unique brand of music to crowds around the world. The self-proclaimed “Urban Soul” band’s approach to music is totally its own. The band’s groove laid rhythm section, unique horn-driven sound and lead vocals combine to make it one of the most dynamic groups to ever perform on stage.

Funky Fresh

Funk music emerged when African American musicians invented a rhythmic, danceable form of music mixing soul music, jazz and rhythm and blues. It never has gone away, it simply evolves. A bit of the “old style” with a modern edge best describes the Monophonics, a six-piece Bay Area psychedelic soul and funk group.

A Whole New Dimension IN C

For an artist credited with launching the Minimalist movement, Terry Riley has had a maximum influence. His breakthrough composition, 1964’s hypnotic, multi-layered “IN C,” was heralded as a revolution; the piece’s impact can be heard in works by contemporaries like Philip Glass and John Adams as well as rock bands like The Who, whose “Baba O’Riley” is a tribute to the composer.

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