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Behind the Music

Arlo Guthrie is the son of famed folk singer/songwriter and political activist Woody Guthrie, and is best known for his 1967 talking blues epic “Alice’s Restaurant” along with his Top 40 hit “The City of New Orleans.”

Wrangling in Bluegrass

In March of 1994, Laurie Lewis was driving on an Arizona highway, toward the end of a music tour.

Way Cool Music

Barry Hazle and Pete Angwin are cultural detectives, poking around in the hinterlands, talking to people in the know, sifting through stacks of recordings and constantly on the lookout for authentic music they can share with small but appreciative North State audiences.

Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks

Dan Hicks, bandleader of the Hot Licks, prefers to think of his group’s sound as acoustic swing. “It’s sort of a folk-swing, jazz thing,” he says. “Jazz is innately based on improv and I like that. My music is mostly acoustic and it’s jazzy in a swing way.”

Western Open Fiddle Championships

Old-time fiddlers are often asked to tell the difference between a violin and a fiddle. Some say a violin is carried in a case and a fiddle in a gunny sack. The organizers of this year's Western Open Fiddle Championships are saying simply, “Violins sing, but fiddles dance!”

Singer/Songwriter Darrell Scott

Darrell Scott is widely known, not only as a solo Americana and contemporary folk singer-songwriter, but also as a session player, a multi-instrumentalist and a successful songwriter for mainstream artists working out of Nashville.

Boz Scaggs to Play at the Cascade Theatre

Boz Scaggs’ explorations into blues, R&B, rock and jazz has produced a career that brought with it acclaim, a loyal following and an enduring respect among his fellow musicians. He has always held high an appreciation of music history, especially the old blues and R&B tunes, he heard over the airwaves from faraway radio stations while growing up in Texas.

Orchestrating Success

A cacophony of conversation floats through the auditorium before every North State Symphony concert. Dr. Kyle Wiley Pickett, music director and conductor, greets early birds from the apron with a brief overview of the production ahead. He illuminates the audience about compositions, composers, soloists and orchestral interpretations. As he exits stage left, the audience again buzzes with growing anticipation.

Sweet Harmony

photo: Kara Stewart photo: Kara Stewart REDDING'S NORTHERN GATEWAY CHORUS women gather in the gym at a Redding church for their weekly practice. As they warm up, moving and stretching across the basketball court, a wave of enthusiasm spreads. Some of the regulars are absent, away at an international competition in Seattle. But even without them, this team can still perform.

Jonny Be Good

Electric blues rocker Jonny Lang is now a born-again Christian. About a decade ago, he faced a crossroads in his music career and personal life.

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