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Metal Artist John Martin Steeby

The endeavors John Martin Streeby pours his time and energy into carry a common element. There’s a definite connection between metal sculptu

Shasta Speedway's Tony "Big T" Montgomery

The near deafening roar of engines, the aroma of burnt rubber, high octane fuel and the up-close-and-personal seat at Shasta Speedway keep Tony “Big T” Montgomery coming back year after year as a race track official.

Debi Stuhr's Rare and Exotic Chickens

If you ask Debi Stuhr how she got interested in chickens, she’ll tell you she’s always had an affinity for them. “When I was a little girl I had chickens,” she says, fondly remembering her days growing up in rural Riverside.

Nanci Rogers' Ace High Leathers

Handmade in America is a practice Nanci Rogers highly values. An artist and entrepreneur, she has carved out a niche that bridges fashion and function in a culture where leather adorns both bodies and bikes. Not to be messed with, this petite fireball creates and embellishes custom leather products for others, then climbs on her 800-pound bike and rides away with looks of admiration following her. From hides to rides, Rogers knows her stuff.

Upstate Hearing's Ken Wood

For much of the hearing population, experience with hearing loss amounts to talking full volume to an elderly relative whose bulbous aids seem not to help much. For Ken Woods, hearing loss is a way of life, the only life he’s known. “Hearing loss disconnects people,” he says, which is why he’s made it his passion to reconnect families and loved ones by giving back what Helen Keller deemed more important than sight. “Seeing is about things,” says Woods, “but hearing is about knowing people.”

Anchor and News Director Jennifer Scarborough

In an age with seemingly endless options for media and information, Jennifer Scarborough feels fortunate that small-market TV news retains a strong niche. The well-recognized anchor and news director for KRCR News Channel 7 in Redding even keeps a copy of the First Amendment to the Constitution on her wall. It’s not there out of old-fashioned idealism.

Family Comes First for Claire Tona

Move over, Bob Marley. Claire Tona long ago decided, “Don’t worry, be happy.” She raised her 10 children with a belief that everything will work out. A woman of faith, she is still on her knees every night before bed, praying for her family which includes her children and their spouses, 30 grandchildren and 25 great-grandchildren. Most remarkably, when her husband died suddenly after 19 years of marriage, Tona raised the family alone. The youngest child was 5 at the time and the oldest 18. They learned to take care of each other, and still do.

Will's Skills Professional Services for Rattlesnakes

Will has always taken his passions seriously, from breeding tarantulas for sale as a high school student—“a hobby that paid for itself”—to his current seasonal business of rattlesnake relocation and aversion training for dogs. “Basically, I train dogs to stay away from rattlesnakes so they don’t get bit,” says Will, 22.

Matson Vineyards Celebrates 30 Years

The oldest bonded vineyard in Shasta County celebrates its 30th anniversary next June. Oscar and Stella Matson’s little retirement hobby on their east Redding property has grown into a unique and artistic venture. They have since passed away, but son Roger has been at the helm of the business since 1999 when he returned from his world travels to help his aging parents.

Jazzercise Your Way to Better Health

When it comes to fitness programs, there seems to be a new kid on the block about once a month. And then there’s Jazzercise, the dance-based exercise stalwart that’s been around for more than four decades.

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