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Eric Pettinger's love of water skiing can be traced back to his time growing up in Red Bluff when he’d zoom across the Sacramento River.

House Call

Although for we humans, the medical ‘house call’ largely belongs to a bygone era, this is not the case for our beloved animal companions. In veterinary medicine, a home visit is just a phone call away.

Still in the Game

The retired coaches had a good time over breakfast. They enjoyed each other’s company and shared a lot of memories. But it didn’t take long before someone had to say it: “Why don’t we do something?”

Singing Praises

As the crowd quieted in anticipation of The Star Spangled Banner at last month’s Reno rodeo, a few were surprised to see not one but two petite teenagers hold up microphones. Small in stature but large in voice, Ashtin Lopeman, 14, and Jennifer Peyton, 15, both of Red Bluff, have found an unusual way to spend their summer vacation: harmonizing the National Anthem at rodeos near and far.

Musical Masterpiece

Incendio, in both Italian and Spanish, means “fire.” And this name is fitting for a musical group whose sound is all about energy, exploration and passion.

Night Skies

Lassen Volcanic National Park and Whiskeytown National Recreation Area are sharing their dark sides, encouraging visitors to look up and notice stars and planets that pop into view against the black of night.

Home Run

James Santos earned a reputation in the North State for creating imaginative, larger-than-life productions that rivaled anything you’d find..


Brandon Back, 30, and 76-year-old Jim Walters built a car together, and in the process they put the finishing touches on a relationship that’s as strong as any father-son bond.

On The Menu

There’s a key ingredient that has kept the Klassique Kafe humming along for 30 years and it’s hardly a proprietary secret. It’s such a compelling part of the restaurant that its regular customers will think nothing of putting napkins aside, clearing tables and diving into a sink full of dirty dishes.

Sizzle Crackle Pop!

On a single evening each year, North State residents delight in a spectacular show that, at a cost of almost $4,000 a minute, otherwise would be prohibitive for all but a select few. And it is absolutely free.

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