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Recipe: Chinese Chicken Salad

This chicken salad is an easy alternative to the high-calorie salads you get when eating out. There are no fried noodles and the dressing is not traditional mayonnaise-based dressing. It is light and full of Asian flavors using low-sodium soy sauce, sesame seeds and yummy toasted sesame oil (one of my favorites, also great drizzled over roasted salmon). Toss this up for dinner real soon. Delicious, with or without chopsticks!

Recipe: Pesto, Zucchini and Feta Tart

Basil… zucchini…basil… zucchini… what to do with all of it? Gardens are still producing it and the farmers’ markets still have plenty available, so give this amazing tart a try. I first had it at a friend’s house as an appetizer and had to have the recipe, which she did not mind sharing. I’ve made it several times and there’s not a thing I would change! It’s so easy. The fresh and flavorful tart is as beautiful as it is delicious. Pair it up with a simple salad as a light supper, alongside a frittata for breakfast or as an appetizer.

On Trend - Fall Fashion

The end of summer is typically a mixed bag of emotions.The thought of trading long, lazy summer days for a backpack or a business suit isn’t easy. But with the end of one season comes exciting opportunities presented by another, particularly in the realm of fashion. No other season tends to inspire our inner fashionista or dapper dude more than fall.

Prepare Skin for Cooler Weather

Whether the heat is still going strong or it officially feels like fall, autumn is the perfect time to prepare a new skincare routine, since cooler weather is on the way. Situated between the hottest and coldest seasons of the year, fall is a great time for skincare and beauty transitions.

Recipe - Vietnamese Chicken Pho

My first bowl of Vietnam’s Pho (pronounce “fuh”) soup was enjoyed over 20 years ago while visiting my son, Rusty, in Southern California. He had raved about it and once I tasted it, I too was hooked. Hot steaming broth, usually cooked for hours, with the aroma of ginger, anise, garlic and clove, is poured over either chicken or beef and rice noodles.

Fun for the Halloween Season

October is the perfect time to reap a harvest of joy with your family and friends. With so many wonderful things to do, your social calendar will be full before you know it. Embrace your sense of adventure, round up your little pumpkins and see what fun awaits you in the North State.

Shasta Speedway's Tony "Big T" Montgomery

The near deafening roar of engines, the aroma of burnt rubber, high octane fuel and the up-close-and-personal seat at Shasta Speedway keep Tony “Big T” Montgomery coming back year after year as a race track official.

Nanci Rogers' Ace High Leathers

Handmade in America is a practice Nanci Rogers highly values. An artist and entrepreneur, she has carved out a niche that bridges fashion and function in a culture where leather adorns both bodies and bikes. Not to be messed with, this petite fireball creates and embellishes custom leather products for others, then climbs on her 800-pound bike and rides away with looks of admiration following her. From hides to rides, Rogers knows her stuff.

4th Annual Music and Merlot Fundraiser

Do you remember how the recorder, that whistle-like instrument that produces clear, sweet sounds, felt on your lips? Do you remember the way your small hands navigated the finger holes as you learned to play the most basic songs? And do you remember the pride you felt when you mastered “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”? Just as it was when you were a young student, music is an integral part of any child’s education. Music keeps kids engaged in school, develops well-rounded individuals and encourages vital life skills. No one understands this better than Abbie Ehorn, a music teacher in the Evergreen Union School District, who has spearheaded a grassroots effort to keep music alive in three Cottonwood schools.

Upstate Hearing's Ken Wood

For much of the hearing population, experience with hearing loss amounts to talking full volume to an elderly relative whose bulbous aids seem not to help much. For Ken Woods, hearing loss is a way of life, the only life he’s known. “Hearing loss disconnects people,” he says, which is why he’s made it his passion to reconnect families and loved ones by giving back what Helen Keller deemed more important than sight. “Seeing is about things,” says Woods, “but hearing is about knowing people.”

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