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ERNIE & SUE ODELL'S ONO WINERY A dream which nearly died, as did he. A dream which nearly died, as did he.

30 Years and Brewing Just Fine

SIERRA NEVADA BREWERY CELEBRATES photos: Brent Van Auken Brent Van Auken In addition to its status as an industry-leading craft brewery, the company is known for its innovative approach to manufacturing and its high environmental standards. Founder and owner Ken Grossman says his early inspirations came from brew pioneers Charlie Papazian, Fred Eckhardt, Fritz Maytag and Jack McAuliffe, and that he recently approached all four to collaborate on some special beers to commemorate Sierra’s 30th anniversary on Nov. 15.

A Flowering Business

Sixty-Five Years With Mallery's Florist and Gift Shop Photos by: Kara Stewart Photos by: Kara Stewart Sixty-five years ago, 19-year-old Reva and her parents visited a new business in town, Mallery’s Nursery and Florist (then located on the corner of Pine and Placer streets in Redding) to order flowers for Reva’s upcoming wedding to Cledert (Dick) Richard. Theirs was the first wedding arranged by Mildred and Richard Mallery. In October 2011, one of Mildred and Richard’s grandsons delivered an anniversary arrangement ordered by the Richards’ daughter Susie, an annual tradition. The Richards remain faithful patrons to a business that has helped them celebrate births, birthdays, anniversaries and other momentous events since that first one in 1945.

That's Tops!

Photos: Bret Christensen ret Christensen FAMILY-OWNED TOPS MARKETS IN WEAVERVILLE AND REDDING A grocery store often serves as the heart and soul of a small town, and Tops Market in Weaverville is no exception.

Pushing The Edge

Photos: Betsy Erickson & Courtesy of Balanced Edge of Balanced Edge BALANCED EDGE TRAINING SCHOOL Northern California’s mountains, caves, rivers, lakes and endless trail systems provide a cornucopia of outdoor features to explore, but those features come with some requisite risks. Unfortunately, those risks can discourage novice adventurers from exploring the beauty that lies in their own backyard. Fortunately, Balanced Edge outdoor training school offers survival, rescue and technical training, not only to educate people about enjoying the outdoors in a safe manner, but also to bond them through their experience.

100% Computer Friendly

Photos by: Bret Christensen s by: Bret Christensen COMPUTERS FOR CLASSROOMS IS A COMMUNITY GIFT Pat Furr doesn’t remember exactly how old she was when she started at Chico State University to begin work toward a master’s degree in computer science. She does say, “My son was in college with me. I was probably about 50.”

Wine Time

Photos: Bret Christensen os: Bret Christensen Ringtail Vineyards and Winery in Manton Named for an elusive nocturnal visitor that samples the ripening fruit, Ringtail Vineyards sits in the western foothills of Lassen Peak. At a comfortable elevation of 2,500 feet, grapes flourish during warm days and cool nights in nutrient-rich volcanic soil. A picturesque setting in the heart of the vineyard is well-suited for small weddings and events. The tasting room, designed for relaxing and conversation, invites visitors to linger over a glass of fine wine.

Who Will Help Me?

Photo: Linda Bergmann Photo: Linda Bergmann Photo: Linda Bergmann gmann In the old folk tale of The Little Red Hen, the eponymous heroine is given a grain of wheat and asks for help to make it grow. No one comes to her assistance and so she toils away on her own.

Forge Ahead

Photo: Bret Christensen Photo: Bret Christensen Photo: Bret Christensen istensen Only one-third of journeyman bladesmiths go on to become mastersmiths. Aaron Wilburn of Wilburn Forge plans to gain mastersmith status within the year—a title given to only 110 smiths worldwide.

Sweet Treat

Photo by Kara Stewart Photo by Kara Stewart Photo by Kara Stewart ra Stewart After 27 years in the chocolate-making business and turning out candy bars, truffles, toffees, caramels and turtles by the thousands, you’d think it would be easy for Nancy Matthews to name her favorite. You would be wrong.

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