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Reeling In The Years

For Ryan Johnston, fly fishing offers a complex challenge that brings with it exquisite peace and a serene escape from the sometimes unpredictable rhythms of daily life. “When you’re on a river or lake, it doesn’t leave space for other thoughts,” he says. “There are few times in life where you can remove yourself, where your mind is allowed to go blank. The whole being on the water encompasses you and allows your mind to rest.” It is this blend of focus and tranquility that he shares

Beautiful Blend

A delicious change is sweeping the north state, as wine lovers discover tucked-away treasures in the foothills and valleys of far Northern California. Boutique wineries seem to be springing up in ideal locations for the grapes and the wines they produce. David and Kathy Roth have developed just such a vineyard and winery in Whitmore. They have been creating wonderful wines from their eight acres of carefully chosen varietals that blend beautifully to please the palates of a growing fan base.

Tall Tales

The 49-foot-tall statue of Paul Bunyan looming near the redwoods practically demands that drivers exit Highway 101 and investigate the Trees of Mystery. A touristy gimmick? Maybe, but the kids love it and it does get people out of their cars and into nature—and that makes John Thompson happy.

Ships Ahoy

A popular credo affirms the belief that before the thing comes the thought. While unloading containers in a Philadelphia shipyard, Ron Stuart’s thoughts were of ornate and elegant ships, thoughts that preceded his foray into building models of them.

History Is Herstory

Meeting up with Sue Lang for coffee begins with a warm greeting and a compliment of some kind. She settles down with her drink, her green eyes bright and engaging. She’s eager to share stories of her latest volunteer projects, but not before remarking on your scarf, or appreciating the fantastic artwork in the coffee shop.

A Morning View

Mornings have become ritualized for Tammy Strobel, who lives in a tiny house outside of Montague. She’ll hand grind Northbound Roaster’s coffee beans and set them to steep in a KleenKanteen, perhaps leaning over to pet one of her curious cats in the process.

The Cheesiest

Jeremy and Jennie Wolfe can embrace “what is.” As parents of a finicky eater, they found themselves playing around with grilled cheese recipes when their middle child went through a stage of eating nothing else.

Time Frame

The Sisson Museum’s mission is to assist in “illuminating the past, present and future of the Mount Shasta region,” and combining to breathe new life into this Mount Shasta mainstay are well-conceived educational presentations, fresh exhibits, a spectacular new mural and a fresh spirit of volunteerism.

Craft It

Repurposing with homemade chalk paint

Fiddle Sticks

"It's music that finds its way deep into your soul because it's strings vibrating against wood and nothing else." - Alison Krauss

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