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On Trend - Fall Fashion

The end of summer is typically a mixed bag of emotions.The thought of trading long, lazy summer days for a backpack or a business suit isn’t easy. But with the end of one season comes exciting opportunities presented by another, particularly in the realm of fashion. No other season tends to inspire our inner fashionista or dapper dude more than fall.

Fun for the Halloween Season

October is the perfect time to reap a harvest of joy with your family and friends. With so many wonderful things to do, your social calendar will be full before you know it. Embrace your sense of adventure, round up your little pumpkins and see what fun awaits you in the North State.

Metal Artist John Martin Steeby

The endeavors John Martin Streeby pours his time and energy into carry a common element. There’s a definite connection between metal sculptu

Shasta Speedway's Tony "Big T" Montgomery

The near deafening roar of engines, the aroma of burnt rubber, high octane fuel and the up-close-and-personal seat at Shasta Speedway keep Tony “Big T” Montgomery coming back year after year as a race track official.

Debi Stuhr's Rare and Exotic Chickens

If you ask Debi Stuhr how she got interested in chickens, she’ll tell you she’s always had an affinity for them. “When I was a little girl I had chickens,” she says, fondly remembering her days growing up in rural Riverside.

Western Open Fiddle Championships

Old-time fiddlers are often asked to tell the difference between a violin and a fiddle. Some say a violin is carried in a case and a fiddle in a gunny sack. The organizers of this year's Western Open Fiddle Championships are saying simply, “Violins sing, but fiddles dance!”

Restoration Enterprises Helps Restore Lives

Restoration Enterprises is a humble, low-key operation, and if you ran across the name in the phone book you’d probably think it involved cleaning up flood- and fire-damaged homes. Substitute people for homes and you wouldn’t be too far off the mark. The nonprofit organization, which celebrates its 15th anniversary this month, is in the business of providing people with the opportunity to change their lives.

Nanci Rogers' Ace High Leathers

Handmade in America is a practice Nanci Rogers highly values. An artist and entrepreneur, she has carved out a niche that bridges fashion and function in a culture where leather adorns both bodies and bikes. Not to be messed with, this petite fireball creates and embellishes custom leather products for others, then climbs on her 800-pound bike and rides away with looks of admiration following her. From hides to rides, Rogers knows her stuff.

Michael Franti's Roof-Rattling Rhythms

“Can you hear the sound? A little bit of rhythm makes the world go round.” It’s a musical question Michael Franti has been asking for two decades, and the rhythm in his voice is very much helping the world go round—on an orbit marked by compassion, unity and social justice.

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

Since its inauguration in Redding four years ago, the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer annual fundraising walk has taken place in August, overshadowed by its wildly popular sister event, Relay For Life.

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